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Lunchtime in the mountains

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Lunchbreak in the beautiful mountains of British Colombia! We were heliskiing there

Nosara Beach Sunrise

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Morning flight at the beach of Nosara in Costa Rica!

Vendors of Iquitos

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During my trip along the amazon river a group of vendors gathered behind our boat and tried to sell stuff. I took a quick foto with my drone and this was the result!


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Lake from above


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Shot of a mountain lake in Weißpriach

Windmills in Andalusia

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Photo of a flight in the area of Cadiz, Spain.

Little Dix Bay

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Birdseye from the British Virgin Islands. It was taken at the Little Dix Bay.

Good Morning Salzburg!

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Picture of a morning flight above the Festung Hohensalzburg! Behind the austrian flag you see the beautiful old town of my hometown. Yes it was an approved flight from the Austro Control, although it was very hard to ...

Festung Hohenwerfen!

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Picture of the Festung Hohenwerfen, located in Werfen, Salzburg, Austria! Unbelievable beautiful castle in the mountains of Salzburg.

Hauser Kaibling Winterwonderland

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Picture of the summit at the Hauser Kaibling in Austria. It is located in the Ennstal and was recorded in the deep winter!

Surfing Top Down

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Birdseye view from my last trip to Costa Rica!

Sunset over the fog at the Gaisberg

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Sunset over the Gaisberg in Salzburg.

First Snow At The Gaisberg

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First snow on the Gaisberg

Festung Hohensalzburg

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Sunrise behind the historical fortress in Salzburg Austria.

Hellbrunn Monatsschlössl

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Shot from a small castle in Hellbrunn surrounded by the beautiful autumn colors of Salzburg.

Pulau Langkawi Harbor

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Far distance flight from the MS Europa 2.

Pulau Langkawi Port

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Flight at the port of Pulau Langkawi. Was there with a cruise ship!

Unipark Salzburg

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Flight above the university of Salzburg

Dakhla Western Sahara

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Production in the desert for a kite surf session

MS Europa 2 from above in Lankawi

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Flight above the MS Europa 2 from the journey to Mumbai!

Gaisberg, Salzburg, Austria

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Image of the Gaisbergstrasse in Salzburg, Austria. It is the road to the top of the Gaisberg, a mountain in Salzburg.

Obertauern Summits

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Flight at the mountains in Obertauern, Austria. Actually it is a shot out of a 4k Video.

Schloss Hellbrunn

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Sunset over the little castle of Hellbrunn.

Hauser Kaibling

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Flight at the top of the Hauser Kaibling in Austria