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Trocadero board

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This is a drone picture in Paris above Trocadero. I picked that specific spot as from above it looks like a chessboard.


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Chalkidiki is in the North part Greece. This beach is called Kavourotripes and one of the most famous in the area. In order to reach this beach you have to walk through a beautiful forest.

Beach giants

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People in different times of day become bigger or smaller depending on the sun's position. This is a picture from a beach in Athens, Greece

Beach scape

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This is a picture of a beach in Chalkidiki, at the Northern part of Greece where nature and human touch become one. This is where the colors of the Greek flag come from.

Kyparissi, Greece

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Drone Selfie in one of the most beautiful bays in southern Greece.

Greece, Sifnos

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Drone selfie

Island of Aigina

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This is one of my favorite scenes in Greece: Seagulls chasing trawlers loaded with fish on their way back to port. It's great to be able to have a bird's eye view on this scene which I have always observed from sea le...

New York

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Construction meets nature

Porto Heli, Peloponnesos, Greece

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Every year I participate on the swimming competition crossing from Parto Heli to Spetses. This year I decided to photograph it instead.