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Island in a Lake

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Small island in a lake Borków in Poland Świętokrzyskie

Castle Krzyztopor

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The castle in Ujazd arose in the XVIIth cent. and was one of the biggest and most magnificent lordly castles in Poland. It is the typical example of so called 'palazzo in fortezza', that is the representative residenc...

Kielce little planet

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360 panorama of city Kielce

Ancient settlement – Stradow Poland

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The village is known mainly for archaeological discoveries. There are the remains of a huge Slavic fortified settlement, dated between the eighth and twelfth century AD, which along with the foothills occupied an area...

Expressway S7 Poland

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Expressway S7 is a major road in Poland which has been planned to run from Gdańsk on the Baltic coast through Elbląg, Warsaw, Radom, Kielce and Kraków to Rabka near the border with Slovakia.

Kadzielnia Cultural Center in Kielce

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Beautiful bit of nature in the heart of the city! Kadzielnia Amphitheatre is located in the southern part of the excavation Kadzielnia, on the south-eastern side of the geological reserve of the same name. Operation o...

Residential neighborhood consisting of large blocks of flats

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Residential neighborhood consisting of large blocks of flats. It's a housing form popular in Poland.

Mierzawa valley covered with fog

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The valley of the Mierzawa River is part of the ecosystem called the Ponidzie. It is located in the southern part of the Świętokrzyskie voivodeship. It is a place rich in flora and fauna inhabited by storks.

Cycling training

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Jędrzejowski Klub Kolarski

Swietokrzyskie Mountains

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The Świętokrzyskie Mountains take their name, which means “Holy Cross,” from that of an old Benedictine abbey that was located on Łysa Mountain. Copper and red sandstone formerly were taken from the area, now the site...

River of Nida

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River Valley

Midsummer’s Night celebration in Poland

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Poland still shares some traditions with its Slavic and Scandinavian brothers which seem to have some roots in old pagan traditions. The best example of that is probably Kupała Night (Noc Kupały) which is celebrated o...

XIII Century Royal Castle

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The Royal Castle in Chęciny was built on a rocky hill top (9367 mamsl) at the turn of XIII and XIV century. The first references to the castle appear in Władysław the Short’s document from the year 1306, in which he s...

Jeep XJ in rape field

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I managed to drive a car and drive a dron in the same time :-)

The Royal Castle in Chęciny

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The construction of the fortress probably began around XIII/XIV century. Around this date the upper part of the castle, comprising of upper courtyard with housing unit and two rounded defensive towers was built. The c...

Guardian of the Galaxy

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Me lying on the field.

Corn maze in Kurozweki

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Corn maze

Arena Kielce 360 planet

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Arena Kielce 360* planet panorama


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Royal Castle in Chęciny

Heart of Świętokrzyskie

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Earth love's you

Dronestagram drone photo contest 2018

Dear members of the Dronestagram Community,

It has been a pretty long time waiting but here we are: starting today, we are thrilled to announce that the Dronestagram 2018 drone photography contest is open, in partnership with our friends at studioSPORT!

From now and until November, 11th, 12 AM, you can post your best drone pictures to share the beauty of the world seen from above.