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Lava field road…

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A blue car on a road traversing a very large lava field in the west of Iceland


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A U-turn o a road in the Vosges.

Like a snake II

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Abstract view of a small stream in Saeftinge.

Road to nowhere…

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On the Sneaffelsness peninsula there is a very large lava field. You can cross it on this bumpy road. It looks like another planet.

Abstract river delta…

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An abstract view of a river delta with lava sand. That gives the specific black color to the sand...

Bridge over the river…

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Road nr 1 in Iceland travels around the whole country. Here it passes a large river delta.

Like a snake…

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An abstract view over saeftinge. It is now a swamp known as the Drowned Land of Saeftinghe (Verdronken land van Saeftinghe) and an official nature reserve area. The land is a crosspoint where the river Scheldt meets t...

Black flames…

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An abstract view over a - lava sand - river delta in Iceland

Breakwater and the birds…

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An abstract view of a breakwater and the birds feeding from it...

The island

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A small island in a very shallow lake in the Netherlands

Snowscooters and a blue wall of ice.

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On our way to the east coast of Svalbard we made a few stops. Here next to a big blue wall of ice.


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Road Nr 1, the road around Iceland, as seen from the air above Myrdalsandur.

Like a snake…

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Land van Saeftinghe from above.


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A tulip field in Belgium from above.

A lookout over the melting sea ice…

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Our expedition group (and the snow scooters) looking out over the ever melting sea ice. Last year was a very poor sea ice year...