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View of Сape Сhameleon.

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Travelers take pictures on collapsing path at Cape Chameleon.

Together forever

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View of the sculptural group of Vera Mukhina "worker and collective farm girl" at the main entrance to the territory of the exhibition complex VDNH.


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The Skolkovo school

Alone in the water

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View of the belfry of St. Nicholas Cathedral, located on an artificial island in the Uglich reservoir, in Kalyazin.

Milky way

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Cow farm in the Kaluga region.

After the rain

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Stalin skyscraper after the rain.

Snowy Kingdom

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The main russian University and Moscow-river.

The first snow

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First cold day on the glacier lake in the Ivanovo region.

Plowing fields

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The tractor plowing the land in Russia countryside.

Spring in Moscow

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Sunset sky over the spring Moscow.

The Meteoritе lake

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Round the frozen lake among the country houses.

The cave in rock

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The cave in rock

The swallow’s nest

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The swallow's nest - a small castle on the shore rocks.

The Moscow circles.

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The view of the Moscow ring road.

Collecting the harvest

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A great day for harvest.

The barge on the river

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The barge on the Moscow river.

Cloudy day

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Cloudy day in Moscow region.

City lights

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The view of the Moscow city business centre

A new era of energy

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A new era of energy. Wind power.

Moscow skyscraper

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Moscow skyscraper onthe Mosfilmovskaya street.

Sunset at the monastery

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Sunset at the Ferapontovo monastery.

The flooded Church

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The Church (15 century) on the shores of White lake flooded in the early 20th century in Vologda region.

The lighthouse

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Small white lighthouse at cape Meganom.

Silent observers

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The statues on the building of the Stalin skyscraper in Moscow.