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Hotel Club Aldiana Fuerteventura

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Hotel Club Aldiana Fuerteventura from above

Lagoon on Fuerteventura

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The lagoon at the "Risco del Paso" ! When the tide is high, the lagoon is full of water. The the people can kite or widsurf in the lagoon.


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The beautiful Island, Fuerteventura/ Spain. In the Front you can see the Hotel "Club Aldiana"


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Ballon in Lübeck

Sundown Lübeck

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Sundown at Lübeck-Germany


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Hotel Club Aldiana from above

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Hotel Club Aldiana, Fuerteventura-Spain

Club Aldiana Fuerteventura

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Topdown at Club Aldina Fuerte, Hotel


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Fuerteventura, Jandia Playa y Morro Jable

Teamphoto Polo Masters

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Teamphoto from the Swiss/Argentine Polo Team at Sylt, Polo Master

Queen Elizabeth

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The Queen past the Lighthouse at Travemünde/Lübeck

Sundowner Lübeck

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the sky was on fire... great sundown in Lübeck

Climbing up a big ledder

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Dronie... climb up a big ledder :-)

Floyds Pelican Bar Jamaika

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This beautiful Bar you can find at Treasure Beach, Jamaica. You can can visit the bar only by boat.

200 years of Sparkasse Lübeck

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300 employees of the Sparkasse Lübeck, they created the "S" from the Logo "S"parkasse, in front of the Holstentor, the historic sight of Lübeck 200 years of Sparksse Lübeck, Birthday of the Sparkasse

Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth the Lighthouse in Travemünde

Teamphoto Polo Masters Sylt

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Teamphoto of the Swiss/Argentine Team at the Polo Masters Tournament at Sylt

climb up a big ledder

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climb up a big ledder :-)