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January 26th, 2020 (6 months ago)


Serving you since Thirty-four years, OAT is your most ethical partner to a tour to Nepal. We charge you exactly what is seen at the time of booking and not a penny more. It is also a 100% customizable trip. OAT offers you a trip of your dreams. You can customize everything from the start to finish with whatever you’re comfortable with and we will serve you as your requirements. We also have recruited local Travel Agency with Local Guides which will make it easier to know about the different cultures and hidden gems. Highly experienced local guides will to help you navigate through some of the most pristine locations and hidden treasures of Nepal. Because it is customizable, you can give your trip a personal touch. We are also known for our immense hospitality, we grant you the most personal services assuring your safety and comfort in a foreign land. Enjoy your holidays without any concerns of managing and organizing things with our help. We are completely present to provide you with the best services.




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