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El Meandro del Melero

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The Meander Melero, with the Alagón River making its turn more complex, could be defined as one of the most beautiful landscape postcards of all there is in Spain. When it is contemplated in its maximum plenitude in t...

Between mists

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The picturesque village of Tavertet is located on top of a cliff next to a precipice where it offers us impressive views of the Sau reservoir.

Autumn in Scotland (2)

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Incredible views and reflections on Loch Lubnaig. An entire show of autumn blossoms.

Autumn in Scotland

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On the Stirling to Fort William route there are several stopping points to discover beautiful landscapes and spectacular lakes. Callander, in Lake Lubnaig is one of them, where you can enjoy a little while of tranquil...

The valley of the Scottish tears

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The Glen Coe is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Scottish Highlands. It was once the land of the Donald clan. The most famous episode in the history of the valley is the sad story known as the Massac...

The magic of Glencoe

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Nothing prepares you for the magnitude of Glencoe. When you catch a glimpse of the silhouette of its rugged hills, the valley suddenly grows bigger, and the look does not allow it to sweep its entire length. The Glen...

Road to Lairg

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Lairg is the site of the fifteenth largest impact crater on earth, dating from 1.2 billion years ago and 25 miles wide.

Ceannabeine Beach

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Is a beautiful, white sandy beach with rocky outcrops and crystal clear water. The beach was once known as Traigh Alt Chailgeag, "The beach of the burn of bereavement and death" which tells the story of a lady who di...

Under the Sun

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One morning under the sun's rays of the Costa Brava

Sunrise in the Alt Empordà

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A beautiful winter morning on the beach of Empuries. Panoramic generated with 21 photographs with my Sparky drone

Eilean Donan

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The castle of Eilean Donan is a fortress located on the small island of the same name that rises to the side of the Duich lake, to the northwest of Scotland. Panoramic of 9 photographs taken with my Drone Sparky

Claigan Coral Beach

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One of the special beaches in Scotland, where due to coral sediments, the water appears turquoise like a Caribbean beach. Panoramic of 9 photographs taken with sparky drone.

Kilt Rock

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Image of the cliff Kilt Rock in the northeast of Trotternish (Skye). A rock formation with vertical columns of basalt reminiscent of a kilt. One of the few images that you can only do from the sea or flying. Panorami...


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Sunset in Cala Estreta

Lonch Lubnaig

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Reflections in the water

Up to Glencoe

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Incredible views of the Glencoe Mountains

Textures of time

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The furrows of time between the dry lands.

The Gloup

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The Gloup is a collapsed sea cave in the Mull Head Nature Reserve in the islands of Orkney, Scotland. The name derives from the Old Norse "gluppa", meaning a chasm. The cave is separated from the sea by a land bridge...

The eye of Ra

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A fun project in the middle of the Brihuega fields.

Brihuega in colors

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Lavenders bird's eye view

Lavander in Brihuega

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This is not Provence: it's Brihuega, the most incredible lavender field in Spain.

Yellow sunflower

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The yellow is big and full of fervor and they open the way for you as if you were seeing Agamemnon. The holy shining dances to the human and the divine: aromas of golden segments and the flying saffron.

Salinas de Imón

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The salt mines of Imón were the largest salt mines in the area and for a long time those with the highest production in the Iberian Peninsula. Today abandoned.

Siurana swamp

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The Siurana reservoir is a reservoir under the Siurana cliff in the Priorat region. It has a capacity of 12 hm³ and a lock of 63 meters in height. Construction work began in 1968 and was inaugurated in July 1973. Ther...