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Downtown St. Paul, MN skyline in Winter

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Cityscape view of downtown St. Paul, MN skyline in Winter with the Mississippi River in the foreground.

Savanna Swirls

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Savanna in pool swirling around her dress.

Savanna Floats

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Professional singer Savanna enjoying her float on outdoor pool lounger.

Kayaking Clouds

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Kayaker on still water lake with reflections of overhead clouds on the water.

Kate Skates

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Professional ice skater Kate skating on the frozen ice of Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, MN.

Horse Shadows

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Top-down view of five horses in pasture showing their shadows.


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Three girls synchronize swimming into a triangle in an outdoor swimming pool.

Dive-In Movie Night

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Aerial view of Summit House Rooftop Pool Movie Night during Wonder Woman screening and the downtown Minneapolis Urban cityscape in the background.

Summit House Condo Rooftop Pool

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Movie night on the rooftop pool of my condo building showing downtown Minneapolis skyline in the background.

Holidazzle Event, Minneapolis

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Holidazzle Festival in Loring Park

Kelly Farms

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foggy morning flight


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Spring Sunrise over seeding fields with DJI S900 and GH4 camera.

Kelly Farms

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Early morning video production BTS (Behind The Scenes) shot of S900 taking off over dewy pastoral scene for OPTUM / MAYO display.

Minneapolis, MN – Mill Ruins Park

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Sunset Air-To-Air Phantom 2 video flight over the upper Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis, MN USA.

Pepin Marina – Pepin, WI, USA

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First flight back from over the water flying. She's a happy girl, Dorothy. "There's no place like home." Too bad this site doesn't allow you to crop image as you like. There's more harbor and boats to frame the botto...