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bled in purple hour

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Bled in purple hour looking like a scene from a fairytale

which way to choose

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Which way would you choose to reach those mountains

Glipse of sun ray on a church

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Sunset in Logarska valley

Miramare in the miorning

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Italian castle in the morining

rolling through the hood

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Unexpected symmerty found on a simple back road in forests of Kočevsko, Slovenia.

Viaduct Črni Kal

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Viaduct beforehand sunset.

Novo Mesto

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Old town centre of Novo Mesto sunbathing.

Sveti Juraj from above

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My namesake saint town that impressed me in so many ways. Every place I visit has distinctive vibe but calm demeanour of this one really put me in sublime zone. There is something about walking around this town watch...

Odd heart

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Oddly heart shaped island in croatia called Lisac.

Nanos mountain

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On one of my recent trips I needed to get a snap of Nanos mountain while going back home. Got shy and quickly hide its peak from me in shadows of sunset. "No worries, you look amazing either way."

Books for hire

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People believe that magic can happen when you come across good book. This park is one location of few in the area where storages with books called #knjigobeznice are placed for anybody to enjoy good book, to relax wit...

Cerknica Lake

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One of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe and it looks magical in april.

Hometown lake from above for the first time

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Took me 30 something yeas to catch a glimpse of hometown lake from few hundred meters above the ground. The view did not disappoint.

Winding creek

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Often in life we are so focused on end goal that we forget to see the broader picture...we forget to enjoy the journey itself...on tiny side-look might prsent us with greatest adventure of our lifetime

Afternoon delight in Motovun

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Catching light in picturesque town of Motovun in heart of Croatian Istra.