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San Juan River in southern Utah doubles back at Gooseneck State Park

Snow storm over the corral

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Agaltha Peak, near Monument Valley, Arizona in a winter fog.

Patterns in Time

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Desert erosion patterns

Monsoon storm on the mesa

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Near Big Water, Utah, the erosion of time causes patterns in the soil

Don’t look down

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Camping on the edge of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Camping on the edge

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The edge of the Grand Canyon, A massive drop off.


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Skirting the Colorado River, winding north

Alien world

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2 shot HDR panorama of cinder cones, north of Flagstaff, Arizona. Taken at sunset, SP Crater is seen off to the right, and the San Francisco Peaks in the distance.

Cone of wonder

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SP Crater, rises 800 feet, and is about 70,000 years old. A cinder cone, this was taken at sunset and a distant lava field is visible.

Deadhorse Point

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Skeleton on the reservation

Mexican Hat

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Southern Utah, not far from the Goosenecks State Park, a small town is named after this formation.

Road to Kelso

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Desert road, not far from Death Valley, California.

Bahai Temple

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One of ten in the world, Wilmette, Illinois

Lake Michigan and Bahai Temple

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Beautiful temple in Wilmette, Illinois

No Sleepwalking

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A bend in the Colorado River, and a sheer cliff, with spectacular views.

On the edge

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camping in Arizona, along a bend in the Colorado river, with a sheer dropoff.

The big bend

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A bend in the Colorado River, Arizona

Rocky spine

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bouldery area, near Prescott, Arizona

Goosenecks at sunrise

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the was just rising over the San Juan River

Rings of color

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A pond, surrounded by reeds and grasses, just north of the Grand Canyon. A watering hole for a small herd of buffalo in the area.