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The Bridge and the Time…

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An amazing spot from the city of Rio in Greece where the past meets the present magically...


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Hyperlapse-"Just for Fun".

Happy New Year.!!!

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Happy New year from Greece.!!

Happy New Year.!!!

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Following the colours…

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An Amazing sunset shot by my Drone...

What a View…!!

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An Amazing View captured above the City of Nafpaktos

Total Freedom…Aerial-Rizikianos

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The reason that i love my drones. Total freedom when i shooting, 3D movement without limits. Enjoy another amazing cinematic shot.

An Amazing cinematic single shot…

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An Amazing cinematic single shot above the city of Patras,Greece.

Color Reboot…-Aerial Rizikianos

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Just reboot your mood...

Happy New Year.!!!

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Happy New Year

Drone above the heart of Athens

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Drone above the heart of Athens for the "29th Run of Athens"

Timelapse:Coffe Time… at port of Nafpaktos.

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Coffe time at an alive cinematic scenary...enjoy.!!!

Port of Nafpaktos,Greece.

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Port of Nafpaktos

A perfect Saturday…!!

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A perfect Saturday...!!

Xiro XPlorer Mini-Aerial Rizkianos.

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This video was shot by Xiro XPlorer Mini, a drone that was a prize at xirodrone's contest. So tiny drone but great quality for Socials.

Greece, Snowy…in Athens-Aerial Rizikianos.

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An Amazing shot and Great music....

A 900 years old Snow White…in Athens.

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A snowy 900 Years Old Church in the heart of Athens! Enjoy it!!


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Happy New Year!!!

Greece, Low flight over the sea…

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Low flight over the sea...

8th Greece Run for the Cure-Aerial Rizikianos.

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30.000 people under my drone for Good.


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Port of Naxos by Night....Instagram edition aerial_rizikianos


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An uncut nightshot by Aerial-Rizikianos.


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Culture:The Peak of the Spear......


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Culture:The Peak of the Spear.....