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Koněprusy, Beroun District, Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic

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Here are the limestone hills, caves and mines in this area. Therefore, it is popular for hiking. And autumn nature is magical.

Military Area Libava, Czech Republic

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Robodrone Sparrow for Fire Rescue Service: gas cylinders were tested in Military area Libava. If you are interested why the picture is shaking, the answer is simple: We were afraid that the pressure wave swept away ou...

Jested TV Tower, Liberec, Czech Republic

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At first glance, it may appear that a spaceship has landed on the peak of the majestic Ještěd Mountain. This unusual structure in the form of a hyperboloid, which houses a hotel and a television transmitter, is a symb...

Prague TV Tower

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Žižkovská televizní věž (Prague TV Tower) by #RobodroneKingfisher UAV

Opatovice Power Station

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Robodrone Kingfisher & Mil Mi-8 work over the chimneys of Opatovice Power Station.