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view over the town

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Looking over Montrose from scurfiness lighthouse, was a wee bit breezy hence the clarity issue but still turned out not too bad.

Scurdieness panorama

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Panoramic shot of scurdieness lighthouse

Twighlight at Montrose

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twighlight shot of the basin and harbour at Montrose

scurfiness in the moonlight

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Long exposure shot of the lighthouse in the moonlight.

WW2 listening post at Kinaber

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Ariel shot of the old WW2 listening post at kinaber near Montrose

elephant rock

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beautiful night at the elephant rock

River north Esk

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beautiful shot looking up the river Esk near the ganochy bridge

Scurdieness Lighthouse in montrose

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Sunny day at the lighthouse again

Scurdieness Lighthouse in montrose

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Beautiful hot spring day looking over to Montrose

Mntrose at night

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night time shot of Montrose, long exposure to get the lights on there cars moving.

Spring day over Montrose and the harbour

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Ariel shot over the harbour and town at Montrose

Montrose golf course

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Spring day view of the golf course

icy sunrise

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Complete fluke shot before take off, hit the pic button instead of record.

North water bridge

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Picture of the old and new bridges over the river north Esk

lonely heron

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caught a heron patiently waiting for a fish to pass by

Autumnal Montrose

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View of Montrose from above of a sunny autumnal day in November

Waterfall at Crawton

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Photo taken at Crawton nature reserve on a beautiful calm autumnal day.

windmills in motion

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trying out my nd64 filter to get movement on a sunny day

sunrise over the river Esk

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early morning pic of the sunrise over the river north Esk

Amateur football

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Midweek fixture for Montrose Roselea

Night time football at Roselea

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practicing my night time skills with a game of footy, I like how the players blur more the faster they ran.

man vs nature

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sunset looking over the basin from rossie island road

elephant in the mist

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Sunny Autumn day at the elephant rock

elephant rock

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elephant rock