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Kambaku Lodge, Namibia

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Flying my drone in Kambaku Game Reserve in Namibia. Taking a picture of me is easier than catching the wildebeest and impalas I was after ... Well, let's be happy with this dronie!

Khogno Khan Park, Mongolia

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On my yurt step! Dronie at Khogno Khan yurt camp in Central Mongolia. This picture was taken during a flight above the yurt camp. We wanted tot take pictures and videos of the camp, to get the impressive atmosphere ...

Bayan Gobi Desert

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Yes, this is a dronie... of me behind the camel! Picture taken in Central Mongolia in May 2015. We were camping in the Bayan Gobi Desert, and our pack camel was resting. Not impressed at all by the drone, just curious.


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Funny picture of nomads and riders building 2 yurts in the steppe - Central Mongolia. The yurts have been carried by yacks.