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What a ship!

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Just a second of watching this shipwreck was enough to me to decide... yeah, I had to start my drone despite the rain!

The Indonesian paradise

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I am still shocked little bit. Having an opportunity to film a short documentary about the sea turtles directly in their paradise, uninhabited islands Bilang Bilangan (on the shot) and Mataha in the Indonesia was not ...

The forbidden monastery

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For the first view, you might be little bit confused what you really see. For the second you probably realize that this a forbidden place, a former monastery, the magic ruin on the top of the rock, definitely magical ...

St Nicolaos Anapafsas, Meteora, Greece

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As I was coming to gorgeous Greece Meteora for the first time, I had a very limited ideas what all I can see. I knew only this particular famous monastery of St Nicolaos Anapafsas and I have to admit, it is much more ...

Awesome Meteora in the sunrise

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I consider myself to be really lucky person, as I have visited this sacred place for the first time in my life, while it was covered by the snow off season! We got a legal permission to flight a drone over this peacef...

When the Christmas comes to our home

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I took this snapshot just when landing my dron back and got amazed by the advent time immediately! :-)

The pathway

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I got absolutely amazed with that pathway in the fogs that morning!

The sunrise as the others

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Who says that any sunrise is ordinary? Me definitely not. However, how many of the beautiful moments of the light in the landscape can we capture? 1% Maybe even less. When you do not wake up, you do not what you miss....

Her Majesty Ballyvaughan

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This is probably one of the most charming sea coasts I have ever been to! Thank you George to show me the best spots around your home!

The most Irish view at all

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I cannot imagine more Irish situation than this one! :-) The sheep, meadows and the sea :-)

The Burren. the MAGIC!

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This is what you see when flying above amazing karst modelled by the glaciers. I love it!

Amazing Arran Islands…

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This is shipwreck of MV Plassy laying on the ground of the Aran Island since 8 March 1960.

Amazing Burren texture

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This is a top-down view on an amazing meanders of the streamlet flowing to the Loch Gealain in the karst landscape of Burren National Park in the Ireland. I love this country!

The stone gate

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God blessed us this morning, as we waited about two hours with @piranhafilm in front of this awesome stone gate in the strong fogs and hoping for a moment of such incredible light! Thank you!

Awesome morning

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Can you imagine a better spot to wake up in the Monday morning? People here in #bosniaandherzegovina are simply awesome :) This is my very first shot from #djimavic2pro and I am going to love it!

Good by fall!

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This is just the Mavic snapshot from the last fall days here in the Czech Republic :)

Sunset over Lago di Garda, Italy

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After several extreme expeditions last months I decided to spend calm and nice summer with my family. Wow, I really did not suppose to see so great views at touristic points as this one! I love you Lago di Garda, I lo...

The Amazonian

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We do not need to understand everything. Even more, we do not understand anything. Just standing and keeping the eyes open might be enough!

Zbiornik Sosnówka

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Just a snapshot of the hot air balloon we flew yesterday. I took my drone DJI Phantom 3 Advanced on board! :-)

Mariina vyhlídka

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One of the most amazing places I love in my country, Czech Republic!


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Do you, what happens when you decide to take off your drone at the top of Kilimanjaro, while the breath taking sunrise colors all the landscape around you? THIS!!!

Roßrugg ridge, Zillertal, Austria

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To grab a drone and go to the Alps is obviously a great idea! However, it is not a real challenge to fly somewhere in the inhabited lowlands. The real challenge starts with the discovery. Much higher than where the co...

Sumartin, Croatia

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I just find this two years old shot in my archives. Shoot on GoPro 3 Black boarded on custom build drone, no FPV used...

Hruboskalsko, Czech Republic

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A shot of my brand new Phantom 3 Advanced flying over majestic sandstone rocks. Do not forgot to have a look on the video! ;-)