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Sapphire of the forest.

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New Zealand's Rotorua.

Wake up Lake Taupo

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Crystal-clear waters in NZ's North Island.

Geothermal wonders in New Zealand’s North Island

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The land of legend.

New Zealand’s 90 Mile Beach

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Scribbles in the sand.

One sandy highway

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New Zealand's 90 Mile Beach.

Fur Seals off Australia’s East Coast

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Blue Waves in Ben Boyd National Park

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Great Dividing Range, Australia

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Sea Cliff Bridge, Australia

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Sunrise at the stunning Sea Cliff Bridge.

Wollongong Breakwater, Australia

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In the shape of an L on her breeeeakwater ♫✨Views like these make starting the day at dawn and racing around till last light well worth it.

Canberra Autumn, Australia

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Soaring till it all looks like splotchy lichen. Through the eyes of the BFG ⛰🌲🌳

The moody Belmore Falls, Australia

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Jump in! The water's fine. Wait. Do not. You'll do yourself a hurty/death from this height. ⛺️

Canberra, Australia

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My autumnal hometown, Canberra, on the verge of winter. I hope these russet tones last.