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Ploiesti , Romania, aerial view

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Ploiesti is a city located in south-east Romania , being known for it's oil and gas industry , with three working refineries surrounding the town.

Brasov , Romania , aerial view

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Brasov City in Romania was since medieval times an important commercial and military access route into Transylvania and by it's strategic position a defense outpost against invaders. Beautifully placed , offering bo...

Amateur cyclists crossing the road

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Amateur cyclists during the race, crowding for road crossing at the biggest cross country cycling marathon in Eastern Europe, aerial view.

Zanoaga Gorge , Bucegi Natural Park, Romania

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Aerial view at sunset of the spectacular Zanoaga Gorge in Bucegi Natural Park , middle Carpathians mountain range , Romania.

Constanta , Romania, aerial view

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Constanta is one of the biggest cities on the Black Sea Coast, Eastern Europe. An aerial view with the naval shipyard in the background and the residential area on the seashore.

Constanta , city on the Black Sea Coast

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Aerial view of Constanta , major city on the Black Sea coast, Eastern Europe , with lakes in the background and Mamaia holiday resort, a top travel destination on the Romanian seaside.

The village

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Scenic village panorama with houses on the plain at the base of a beautiful mountain ridge

Prahova Valley , Romania

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The Carpathian Mountain Range , autumn forest and Prahova Valley , in Romania

Transfagarasan Alpine Road, Romania

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Spectacular bends and turns of Transfagarasan alpine road, crossing the middle Carpathians, Romania.

Railway beads

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Many rows of colored freight train cars and oil tanks with petrochemical products stationed on several railroad tracks of an industrial train depot terminal

Rasnov Medieval Fortress

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14\'th century medieval fortress of Rasnov, aerial view, Transylvania, Romania

Mountain road pass

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Road crossing mountain ridge with many spectacular curves and turns through fir forest , winter scenery with snowy conditions

Suspended roundabout

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Modern suspended roundabout connecting urban areas , implemented for traffic optimization and improved safety

Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania

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Peles Castle, an architectural landmark , is situated in Sinaia mountain resort on Prahova Valley, Romania , was the summer residence of the Romanian Royal family until WW2 , and after was taken by the communist regim...

Large sunflowers field near forest

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Vast area of sunflowers cultivated field with blossomed flowers , bordered by green forested zone

Communist era factory

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Aerial view of the ruins of a factory from the glory days of communist era economy

Radio communications network

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Complex installation of radio communications antennas for long distance data broadcasting

Colored freight train cars

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Rows of colored freight train cars stationed on several railroad tracks

The train depot

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Freight train cars and oil tankers , abandoned and out of use, stationed on several railway tracks of a depot

Car plant

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Car manufacturing plant with industrial facilities for production and parking lots with many new vehicles

Mountain valley lake

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Lake along mountain valley with snow peaks in the background

Hut in the mountains

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Small hut in the wilderness of the Carphatian mountains, Romania

The Fisherman

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The fisherman and his boat, a black&white aerial photo

Types of green at Paltinu Dam, Romania

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Turquoise color of artifical dam lake , combined with the green of the forest in summer