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Last few minutes of light

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I was driving around Lofoten on a very cloudy day and as the day was ending the beautiful light of the midnight sun poked thought the clouds to give a dramatic lighting to this this unusual landscape.

Light over Lofoten

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The Beautiful islands of Lofoten in Norway getting some light after a very overcast day.

Straight Down the road

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Panorama shot in Lofoten Norway

Alone on a rock

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Panorama of a friend watching the midnight sun peaking true the cloud in the middle of the night

Hiking with the Midnight sun

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Panorama of two hikers enjoying the midnight sun in Norway

Bridge to the Islands

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Morning panorama taken in Henningvaer, capturing the only land access to this cool little city

Lofoten from above

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Drone Panorama of Lofoten in Norway, the view was amazing capturing the human footprint in this perfect landscape.

Midnight Sun in Henningvaer

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Amazing Midnight sun over Henningvaer city in Norway, this panorama was taken after a very cloudy and windy day, just a few minutes before the sun disappeared the cloud opened up to give some beautiful light over this...

Pink Glow over the Venice Pier

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Panorama taken off the shore of Venice beach with the Magic drone, the colors were incredible

Road to Pienza

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panorama taken at sunset as the light is just perfect with this lonely road leading to Pienza in Tuscany

Wild fire sunset

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Amazing colors at sunset created because od massive wild fires around Los Angeles

Mountains in the clouds

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Some beautiful mountains in the Dolomites shrouded by stormy clouds

Castelrotto on a stormy day

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Panorama of the little town of Castelrotto in the north of Italy as a storm comes in,

Warm light over a Farm House

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Panorama of a beautiful winery just as the sun goes down.

Farm House under perfect light

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Beautiful farm house i shot while flying in tuscany at sunset, everything was just perfect with the light on no wind, panorama of 10 images taken with the Phantom 4

The Key Hole

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The Venice pier taken looking straight down at it, this was composed of multiple images giving a very graphic look to this structure

Griffith Observatory blinded by the light

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The griffith Observatory taken from above as the sun rises above it.

Warm Sunrise on Venice Beach

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The pier on Venice Beach taken just a few minutes after sunrise,

Lone tree

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A beautiful lone tree on top of a hill, taken in Hollywood, California

Fingers of the Ocean

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A 5 Second Slow shutter speed capture taken above the cost of california

Vernazza from Above

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The beautiful town of Vernazza in Italy taken from above with the perfect light

Vernazza at sunset

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The Beautiful town of vernazza in the Cinque-terre at the perfect light.

Farm House on a windy road

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A little farm house on a cool windy road taken from above in the middle of tuscany

Road Vanishing in Tuscany

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Beautiful windy road vanishing in the middle of Tuscany taken from above