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A quick flight in the heathlands.

Luneplate and Stotel

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Even though there was light drizzle today I took the little red #BeBop bird for a spin...I've installed 125 year old maps in #Google and was visiting interesting but now forgotten ancient spots in my vicinity - sorry ...


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As I\'m very confident with the stability of the latest firmware, I took my Bebop again over water at the seaside. I wanted to test the range but abandoned the idea due to strong headwinds. Although it was quite windy...

Altenwalde, Niedersachsen

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Cattle and horses roaming freely on an old military training ground close to the city of Cuxhaven in Germany.


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Waterki-Lift in Neuhaus/Oste, Germany.

Dorum, Germany

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The lighthouse Obereversand was moved from the sea to the coastal town of Dorum in North Germany in order to serve as heritage and local museum some years ago.


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The old castle built in 1845 on the remains of a burnt down ancient castle busrt into flames 1805 at the same spot was classified as historic monument in 1993. Today it contains the city administration of Launaguet an...

Foret du Bouconne

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I saw some farmers doing their job with heavy machinery close to the national road, so I stopped by to do some aerials.

Foret du Bouconne

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Today I tested the Parrot BeBop in a dense forest in onder to find out the capabilities of the integrated GPS receiver. I got a steady fix in almost no time and was able to fly above the canopy to inspect an old teleg...

Dorum, Germany

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Wind generator close to the village of Dorum northern Germany. This footage was used to test the integrated stabilization of the 1080p BeBop camera at 30fps at high altitude and wind gusts. Impressive results...

Dorum, Germany

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This was my very first flight using the new Parrot Bebop drone with the Skycontroller. I have to say that im very impressed by this small machine, you almost won\'t hear it, you almost won\'t notice it and it behaves ...


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Guinness World record parade with 577 electric vehicles during the FIA Formula e GP in Berlin-Tempelhof airport on the 23rd of May 2015. Re-utilized some of the shots taken inside the hangar and close to the track the...


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Reconstruction of buildings using 3D rendering software and automatically taken photos from Phantom II V+

Castelnau-de-Levis, Tarn

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Digitizing process and workflow to recreate the ruins of an ancient castle in 3D, then exporting it to Google Earth as a model.

Suttgart, Austria, Switzerland

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Footage from the WAVE 2014, the biggest rally for all-electric cars. It lead from Stuttgart down to Austria and the Swiss alps.