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Fractal Ocean

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A surfer paddling out through the breaking waves

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

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The Great Ocean Road winds its way through the rolling Otway Ranges.

Man Vrs Nature

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Insignificant in the scheme of things.

Branching and Braiding

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Fractal branching

Sea Side Driver

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Dusk at Point Henry

Oceania Sirena leaving Geelong

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The Cruise Ship "Oceania Sirena" leaving Corio Bay after visiting the port of Geelong, Victoria.

Ochre Beach

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Rich Cliffs off Ochre exposed by the great Southern Ocean.

Divide and Conquer

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With fence and blade we hold back nature. But only for so long...

Tessellated Mud Flats

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As the water evaporates and the mud dries, the vegetation takes its hold on the swamp land.

Mangrove Manicure

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An endangered mangrove-line creek tries not to disturb the golfers as it weaves its way through the course towards the river.