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Best of Altay nature from above

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Unforgettable summer trip along the Chuisky tract and the Katun' river. Spectacular and picturesque landscapes of Lake Teletskoye. And also, in the village of Artybash, we managed to attend the celebration of firework...

Golden Autumn in Moscow 4K. Aerial video from drone DJI Phantom 4 Pro

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Dear Friends, I know there were no new videos on the channel for a long time. I had not enough creative inspiration and ideas. However, over the last months I managed to record some new aerial videos, so it's time to ...

Krasnodar sunset aerial (part 1). DJI PHANTOM 4 drone video

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Time to Fly #18 Krasnodar sunset aerial (part 1). DJI PHANTOM 4 drone video. This is the first video from my trip to Krasnodar on May holidays. The city impresses by it's evening beauty and harmony. With the sett...

Epic Knight Battle aerial | Medieval fight reenactment from drone DJI Phantom 4.

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Epic knight battle in Moscow city. Medieval fight reenactment. Aerial video from drone DJI Phantom 4.

Spring day in Moscow (April). DJI PHANTOM 4 drone video

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April is an amazing period when everything is awakening.. Spring breathes a new life not only to nature, but also to our feelings. It is a source of inspiration and the opportunity to change our lives for the better. ...

Early spring in Moscow. Aerial Phantom 4 footage. Москва, съемка с квадрокоптера.

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Time to Fly #16. Early spring in Moscow aerial from drone Phantom 4. As attractions: Park River station Park Kuskovo Kiev railway station - Ukraine hotel (one of Stalin's skyscrapers in Moscow) - The Mosco...

Abandoned places – ghost city like Silent Hill 4k

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Time to Fly # 15 Abandoned places - ghost city like Silent Hill. Aerial Phantom 4 & GoPro 4 + Feiyu g4s Abandoned places always attract adventurers and just those who are looking for new emotions and sensation...

Russian Federation, Ramenskoye

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On 12th February there was one of stages of the championship of Russian winter track races in Ramenskoye. The competition was attended by 22 members from all over the country - the strongest Russian riders. Racing ...

Uvarovo, Russian Federation

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Winter nature from drone, countryside life. Aerial Phantom 4 footage. It's hard to believe, but a resident of a megapolis not always can see and feel the real beauty of winter. After all, in a city due to poor eco...

Moscow, Russian Federation

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New Year - is a wonderful and magical event, which we are looking forward eveytime. It's time for miracles. It's time to remember everything that happened during the year! Let the new year 2017 become more succe...

Nikola-Lenivets, Kaluga District, Russia

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"Nikola-Lenivets" park - is a very unusual and sacred place, which is located in a few hundred kilometers from Moscow. Along the park there is the river. Ugra. It's know for several famous battles here. The name of Ni...

Moscow, Russian Federation

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Time to Fly #11 Another piece of the summer .. Moscow - is an unusual and diverse city. In the last video, we visited calmy and beautiful places of capital, but in this movie I want to show the city life, such as i...

Moscow, Russian Federation

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Autumn in Moscow - is time, when leaves are turning brilliant colors and falling to the ground. It's new chance to wash away the rain all the failures and breathe the fresh air of the future, in which the sky is clear...


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The trip to Vladimir and it's surrounding areas in August 2016. As attractions - Uspenski Cathedral, the Pushkin Park, Golden Gate, Trinity Church, the river Klyazma. And also visited Suzdal and the Church of the I...

Romantsevo Hills, Russia

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It's time to turn back into summer nice day and feel fine.. Who knew that just in a couple hours-drive away from Moscow, you can find a place that affects the imagination of alien landscapes. It is at the same time...

Russia, Arkhyz

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Arkhyz, Karachayevo-Cherkessia (Part 2) This is second video from our journey. In this film, I'd like to pay attention mostly to the nature in its untouched figure. To get out from comfort city life to wild n...

Russia, Arkhyz

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Arkhyz, Karachayevo-Cherkessia (Part 1) The first video focuses primarily scientific and cultural attractions that we visited on the trip. To get out from comfort city life to wild nature into mountains - is what ...

Moscow, Russia

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On the night of 23-24 July, Moscow's night sky was painted with thousands of beautiful lights, which were accompanied by powerful volleys. Fireworks Festival every year pleases visitors with a colorful spectacle! ...

Moscow, Russia

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Aerial film in Moscow by drone DJI Phantom 4. Have a nice flight :)

Russia, Moscow district

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Moscow district, Russian nature, lake - aerial drone film by DJI Phantom 4.

Russia, Uvarovo

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Aerial, Russian nature from drone DJI Phantom 4. Relax and enjoy your flight :)

Kolomenskoe Park, Moscow, Russian Federation

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Drone flight Phantom 4 in Kolomeskoe Park, Moscow (april 2016)