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Parallax Effect, Upside down

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parallax effect with a drone

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Put some parallax effect on a drone aerial footage. Didn\'t make it that strong. Suttle but still you can see the background zooms up. https://insta...

One of the world largest Fireworks in Japan filmed with a drone 2017

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Filmed at The 16th Annual Kounosu Fireworks Festival. Kounosu city is located northeast of Tokyo about 2 hours by car. More than 15,000 shots total and a series of 300 x 160 meters radius and bigger ones. You must se...

A Day In A Circuit

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whatever ;)

Summer Breeze – Feel the unknown scenery of Japan –

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We had spent much time in considering how we convey the “real Japan” to foreigners. Here’s our offer, you can see how we Japanese live in spring to early summer, which isn’t really on guide books or the internet.