Tramuntana Drone

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Tramuntana Drone: Longing for summer

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Longing for summer!

Tramuntana Drone: Andorra

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This is a short footage from Andorra. A beautiful little country between Catalonia and France. Hope you like it!

Tramuntana Drone: Stormy sea in La Fosca

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Relax with the images of the stormy sea from some days ago on the beach of la Fosca.

Tramuntana Drone: Club Arquers Esclanyà

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This is a video I made for the Archer Club of Esclanya, they were having a meeting of all the archers of the club. Hope you enjoy it!

Tramuntana Drone: Paragliding

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I asked a group of people that I come across in Rasos the Peguera if I could film them while they jumped, this is the result. Spot: Rasos de Peguera, Catalunya Music: So close (Instrumental remake) - NOTD, Felix J...

Tramuntana Drone: Paddlesurfing

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This is my cousin, I asked him to take the paddlesurf out to film him a bit. This was recorded in summer 2018. Wishing for summer 2019 to come already! Hope you like it, even when he falls :)

Tramuntana Drone: Brassica napus (Flor de colze, Flor de colza)

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In spring we have these amazing fields full of Brassica napus, the views of them from above are amazing! This was filmed in Llavià, Vall Llobrega and Llofriu, Girona, Catalonia

Tramuntana Drone: Castell Montgrí

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Video of the Montgrí castle in Torroella de Montgrí, Girona, Catalonia. vimeo link: