Trung Pham

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Road to sky

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Klong Klanh pass connecting Dalat central highland city to costal town in Vietnam, was covered in mist in an early morning


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The farmer with ducks were in the way to home after a day out for food in Mekong delta, Vietnam

In the daisy garden

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The farmer was taking care of her family’s daisy garden, in preparation for lunar new year festival in Dong Thap province, southwest of Vietnam

In the melaleuca forest

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A woman was picking up water-chestnut in the melaleuca forest in flooding season in Mekong delta, Vietnam

Passing the mangrove forest

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A family of fishermen on their boat to pass through the mangrove forest in Hue, Vietnam


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A couple of fishermen start a new fishing day in Hoi An, Vietnam


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The fisherman was pulling the fishing net in mangrove forest in outskirt of Hue city, Vietnam

Lobsters farm

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The farm of lobsters breeding cages in coastal province of Phu Yen, Vietnam

In bloom

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Daisy garden in blooming time in Dong Thap province, Vietnam

In the salt field

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Salt workers are in afternoon working shift in Hon Khoi field, Vietnam

Rice terrace in waterfall season

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The rice terraces was in waterfall season

Fishing Net

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The fishing net in the sea, viewed from aerial

Fishing net

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The fishing net in the sea, viewed from aerial

Colorful fields under sunshine

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An early morning in Tinh Bien rice and vegetable field in Mekong delta, Vietnam

Plastic houses

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The plastic houses for vegetable planting were lightening at night in outskirt of Dalat city, central highland of Vietnam


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A couple start a new fishing day in Cua Dai bay, Vietnam

Heart in the rice field

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Terrace rice field in north west of Vietnam, in waterfall season