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August 8th, 2015 (5 years ago)


UpVision make up the platform focused on use of business-grade unmanned aerial systems in conjunction with IT enablers in order to provide professional services and solutions ranging from enterprise applications, over innovative products for film and marketing to research and development of UAS technology complements. UpVision is built on a basis of long-term experience with the technology and develop cooperation with commercial subjects as well as academic and research institutions to materialize potential of UAS technology across multiple industry domains. Our team comprise professionals with hands-on experience covering disciplines such as UAS, photogrammetry, GIS, photography in companies like Gefos, Geodis or Eurosense. Apart from delivery of projects using unmanned systems the team provide business services such as our recent consulting mission for our partner in Russia, training including topics linked to directives of CAA and do UAV sales.


Czech Republic


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