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Flying over Maksatikhinsky District. Part 2.

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Villages Maksatihinsky district aerial view. Continued ... Here it is: Borough "Islands" (guards) on river Mologa, Farm Lunacharskoe, village Kuznechiki, village Khabary, village Fabrika, village Kuznetsy, Maksatikha...

Above the train station in Maksatikha. Russia.

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Above the train station in Maksatikha. Near the river "Volchina". Aerial spherical panorama (110 meters): https://www.360cities.net/image/fly-vokzal

Flying over Maksatikhinsky District

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Деревни и села Максатихинского района с высоты птичьего полета. Быстрый обзорный ролик. Показаны далеко не все заснятые населенные пункты. P.S. Время аэросъемок 2014 и 2015 года.

Village “Fabrika” and the river Mologa from a height of 600 meters. Russia.

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It rose to a height of 600 meters above the village. The settlement is seen as the Maksatikha ladoni.Tverskaya area. This is the 5th in a series viderolik "Maksatikhinsky District bird's-eye view." 10 September 2014.

Village Popovka. Flight 15.

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Flying over the village Popovka. MAKSATIKhINSKIJj rayon.Tverskaya area. This is the 15th in a series of viderolik "Maksatikhinsky District bird's-eye view." 9 September 2014. Version without voice.

One Flew Over the River “Mologa”

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Videos collected from different flights. River "Mologa", Tver region, Maksatikhinsky District, Russia

Maksatikha, Tver region, Russia

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During the celebration of the day of settlement Maksatikha (85 years Maksatikhinsky District) "fly" over the stadium and the center. Tver region. This is the 13th in a series of viderolik "Maksatikhinsky District bir...

Landfill in Maksatikha, Russia

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I decided to fly over the landfill in Maksatikha. The dump was burning, it extinguished the fire. Near the cemetery, sewage treatment, district South. This is the 10th in a series of viderolik "Maksatikhinsky Distric...

“Yellow sand”. River “Mologa” the village “Ogryzkovo”, Russia

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Maksatikhinsky District, the village Ogryzkov interesting place on the river Mologa - "yellow sand". Shooting from July 16, 2014. Part of the video was filmed with gopro Camera car and part of a bird's-eye ... There,...

Dead Village “Kuriliha.” Tver region, Russia

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Deserted village Kuriliha. Tver region. This is the 4th video from the series "Maksatikhinsky District bird's-eye view." 9 July 2014. -------- P.S. Video grim, pregnant, nervous and children not to watch Spheric...

Borough “Guardians.” River Mologa, Tver region, Russia

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The place on the river Mologa, called "Black Beach" (Island, guards). Maksatikhinsky District, 4-5 km. from the village of "Factory" or in 2 km. the village "Popovka". Tver region. This is the 3rd in a series of vide...

Russia, Tver region, Maksatikhinsky District

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Hats on quadrocopter and often, during planting, remember to turn off the camera and enters the frame.

Lomovskoi beach, river Mologa, Maksatiha, Russia

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Mologa River, Sandy "Lomovskii beach." Near the village of "Factory" and p. Maksatikha. Tver region. July 6, 2014

Russia, Tver region, Maksatikhinsky District, Village Fabrika

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The first aerial survey. On "Kuznetsovsk creek", near D. Kuznetsov. And in the village Fabrika. Filming in the area of the river Mologa passing along Tverskaya land. July 4, 2014