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Pass street through the Gap of Dunloe, Ireland

Lough Gill

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A few weeks ago, I visited a family in County Leitrim who invited me to visit them over the weekend. They told me there is a viewing point near their house on top of a hill which is not that well-known because the sta...


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Chaising the pod of gold.

Eddie’s boat

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Eddie's boat, washed up on the shore in the 1970s during bad weather. You can just visit the boat if the tide is out, the rest of the day it is covered by the salty water of the Atlantic. That is why it's conditio...


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Inside the Neckar valley. I hoped to catch a ship driving on the river but unfortunately there was not that much traffic on that day, even I waited one hour. The boat I waited for drove past me when I was on my way b...

Neckar valley

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Looking down into the valley of the river Neckar.

Old river

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Inside the old river swing of the river Neckar.


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A lonely tree on a field.

Old swing

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An old swing of the river Neckar which got cut off 200.000 years ago.

Canola field

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A canola field near Daudenzell.

Where the tractor goes

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Tractor tracks on a field.

Apple trees

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Some Apple trees in spring.

Lonely field

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A green field near Daudenzell, Germany.