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Iceland from the air

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Lofoten islands ,Northern Norway February 2019

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The Lofoten in Northern Norway. I captured some impressions from above - filmed with a DJI Mavic Music in this video Song Freedom Fighters Artist Thomas Bergersen Album Invincible

Sailing in East Greenland with the mast oak ship Donna Wood

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This trip did not only meet all the (high) expectations i had before leaving, but went even further. We have been taken to discover beautiful sceneries, incredible landscapes, unspoiled and pristine nature, accompanie...

Beaches & Scenery of Andros Island, Greece

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Views from Andros island Greece with a DJI Mavic

Alaska Tranquility and Wilderness Aerial Film in 4K

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A short Aerial film with my Phantom 3 in 4K in Alaska Fairbanks area

Samos Aerial views from a DJI Phantom 3

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Some Aerial videos from my hometown Samos a beautiful island that is ruled by legend and beauty the island of the father of mathematics, Pythagoras, the astronomer Aristarchus and the philosopher Epicurus. It i...

\”Svalbard: Beyond the Vain Creations\”

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Halfway between Norway and the North Pole, you’ll find a mysterious icy land called Svalbard. There isn’t much wilderness left in Europe I reckon, but Svalbard definitely takes the cake. Tucked away at 77° N in the Ar...

A Drone in Iceland

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Aerial videos from Iceland with Phantom 2 and the Go Pro 3

Greece Summer 2016 Samos and Andros island in 4K

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Video clips from Samos and Andros island from the Phantom 3