Dear Dronists,

The winners of the Christmas Photo Contest have been revealed!
Thank you for your participation.

Congratulations to all participants and our winners!

Jury Prize: 
Favorite picture of Dronestagram, Yuneec & Lowepro.

My front yard by Jillemmer
REWARD: 1 Breeze 4K + 1x Breeze FPV & Controller Kit offered by Yuneec

“Every year we do a creative family holiday card photo. This year I used my drone. We took this in the front yard using items from our garage. I fear my neighbors think I am nuts.”

Popularity Prize/The most liked picture:

Christmas in Baku, Azerbaidjan by Rashad
REWARD: 1 Typhoon H with RealSense + 1x Skyview FPV headset offered by Yuneec

Rashad Mehdiyev is from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan Republic. He’s 30 and he’s a professional photographer.

Santa Claus Prizes (random draw): 

Santa Claus on the Terminal Tower, Cleveland, USA by aerialagents
Reward: 1 x DroneGuard BP 450 AW offered by Lowepro

Amazing holiday home, Trzebnice, Poland by Dron Expert
Reward: DroneGuard CS 200 offered by Lowepro

Christmas in Berlin by Jokeair
Reward: 1 x Print Plexi offered by Zeinberg


  • The most liked picture has really nothing outstanding in it. I would check if the vote has not been hacked.

    The other ones are great.

  • Eric Hanscom

    Really nice stuff! The “My Front Yard” one must have flown under my radar because I don’t remember it, but a very nice composition. Congratulations to the well-deserving winners!

  • Gilles Charlier

    Seriously? These are the winners? You should review your selection criteria … And I do not say that because I was not taken again, I think to be objective, there was much better than that!

  • James

    Really? the Baku picture looks like it was taken on a stepladder, he’s admitted elsewhere that it was a Cannon 5D camera which is fine, but unlikely on a drone [1.5kg weight with lense, and crap photo for a £1k camera}…and 1.2k likes? that would have cost $10 to buy…I love this site, but a bit of QC on competitions to keep it real. Stop the [easily forged] popularity contest- someone, certainly not me, has been robbed of a well earned prize.

    Aside from the competition Baku winner here [the others were well judged] thank you for the blog…

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