BORVO, the name of Celtic Mythology “healing from the water” was the god of healing, representing year. According to legend BORVO is the most powerful healing hand. BORVO after the Scandinavian countries, which have come to admire the nature of Bolu gulose village is settled and the surrounding area. One of the places that has settled on the beautiful valley of BORVO thermal spa will be built on today.

Aben Group, 10-year duration of the studies have bought the entire 410 acres of land and has undergone a result BORVO project to life. One study in every region of the land for two years, the rich have seen their healing hot springs. Abant unique nature and the environment has left everyone awestruck. Richness of healing waters and nature are blended together BORVO project was implemented with the unique design. The project not only in the area of ​​410 acres, Bolu, Abant, Mudurnu to a wide ranging Kartalkaya, has started to build at full speed in order to serve the people.

BORVO; “sound mind in a healthy body” principle, with plenty of sports is a sponsor of the 2014 season.

BORVO; And the town of Bolu improvement project.

BORVO; The project is to employ hundreds of people.

BORVO; respect for human nature and the project.

BORVO; healing and health from the thermal water is a project that combines comfort with quality of life.

BORVO; five-star hotel comfort you in your freedom is a project that combines nature and peace.

BORVO; is a safe and peaceful life with intelligent building systems projects.

BORVO; trust and honesty principles set out under the slogan acquisition is founded on a solid foundation of project

BORVO your privilege to come to you and we are the first to become aware of the privileges offered
You are all special to us ..

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18 August 2015
Kilozu Koyu