Mantiqueira Highlands

It tells the story of the Tupi People, a story of a beautiful Indian woman who fell in love with the Sun, a fiery headdress. Sol, many days in their hunts, passing at noon on the Itaguaré, where they always fall in love. Their encounters have become frequent, a Moon submarine is not a warrior and Solitary tension of their fighters to find a beloved.

The tribe can not sleep any longer, there is no more dream, so close to the warrior to reach his own beloved the fires burned, a capoeira dried and boiled the muds. The Moon saw that she was threatened by a simple woman.
The Sun, who had already given so many dawns of pleasure, so many dawns of pure taste, to fall in love with a woman … Tupã, seeing a moon changing, wanted to know what leaves her with hatred, growing jealous, Shrinking in pain and making night-no-moon.

Does not the moon conform as a simple woman dared to love the sun? How did the sun dare stop the time of men to love someone? She demanded of Tupã that he should punish him and never see him again! Tupã then erected the largest mountain that existed and put in there an Indian Tupi. The sun, in pain, bled reddish peaks and wanted to drown in the silver sea. The Moon, with a pain of her beloved, wept Infinite stars, the light and the weeping of light. But no cry was so wept and wept as tears of beautiful India, that she could never see the day, that she would never feel the sun again.

She wept rivers of tears, rivers of clear waters, mines, fountains, grottos, waterfalls, floods, rapids, spouts, springs. Her people forgot her name but called from then on Amantigir, which means “Serra-que -cry “. Today, I found a legend that happened in the Serra da Mantiqueira, a mountain that one covered … It tells the legend that was so … and in our mouth, it will be.

  • : Brazil

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4 May 2017
DJI, FC6310

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