Bird’s view of the mountain

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Part of my video for the south table mountain.

The Meteoritе lake

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Round the frozen lake among the country houses.

Aerial View of Lake Vaner, Sweden, NW Lakeshore and Islands

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NW shoreline of Lake Vaner in Sweden. Aerial view on a clear and sunny day in fall, shot with a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced quadcopter.

Temple of Poseidon Cape Sounio

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According to Greek Mythology, Cape Sounion is the spot where Aegeus, King of Athens, leapt to his death off the cliff, thus giving his name to the Aegean Sea.The story goes that Aegeus, anxiously looking out from Soun...

Masinga TT Sports

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A time trial and drag race event

Watering Field

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Automated watering system near Louisville, Georgia

The cave in rock

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The cave in rock

The swallow’s nest

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The swallow's nest - a small castle on the shore rocks.

The Moscow circles.

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The view of the Moscow ring road.

Collecting the harvest

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A great day for harvest.

The barge on the river

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The barge on the Moscow river.

Cloudy day

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Cloudy day in Moscow region.

A new era of energy

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A new era of energy. Wind power.

Moscow skyscraper

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Moscow skyscraper onthe Mosfilmovskaya street.

Sunset at the monastery

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Sunset at the Ferapontovo monastery.

The flooded Church

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The Church (15 century) on the shores of White lake flooded in the early 20th century in Vologda region.

The lighthouse

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Small white lighthouse at cape Meganom.

Silent observers

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The statues on the building of the Stalin skyscraper in Moscow.

The heart of Moscow

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The view of Kremlin in the centre of Moscow.

Muslims praying outside the Moscow Cathedral Mosque

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Muslims praying outside the Moscow Cathedral Mosque at Eid al Adha.