Jacaranda Rain

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I love upcountry Maui in springtime when the Jacaranda trees are blooming and the landscape is magical. I kept the camera pointed down until the drone was in position in order to avoid raindrops on the lens. I had not...

Farmers work

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Harvest at full speed....


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Countless shells grow in daily changing sea water....

Spring country

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Spring landscape by the bergwinkel.....

Over the clouds

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Unlimidet freedom over the clouds....

Wine mountain art

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Autumn in the win mountains...

Winter dreamland

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View of a lilliput landscape....

Work in the winter forest

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Forest view in winter from a bird´s eye view.

Farmers Art

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Everyday work of the farmer becomes an artistic work here.

Coastal structures

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Nice landscape in france.

After ice cold night

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It was a very nice fotosession on this day in dreamland.

Boat idyll

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Realy, it was a very cold night. Please fly carefully because of the risk of icing in winter.

Portlligat, Gerona, Rescuebcn, Mavic Pro 4k Dron Drone

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Portlligat, Gerona, Rescuebcn, Mavic Pro 4k Dron Drone

Amanecer en el Valle de los caidos,

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Un precioso amanecer visto desde el mirador de cuelgamuros en el limite entre la comunidad de Madrid y castilla león.

High Roller, Las Vegas

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High Roller Las Vegas, the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world.

Flying on Maracanã Stadium

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Flying over Maracanã Stadium during a soccer match. The soundtrack is a theme used on a famous sports news that preceded movie sessions in the 1960s / 1970s. Maracanã has changed, times have changed. So I made a nost...

Chauntel in the desert

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Nude portrait of Chauntel, in a desert landscape.

– Neon Paddle Boards and Kayaks

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In the weekend, people gather to make a tour on the lake with paddle boards and kayaks, all decorated with neon lights.

Matrix of Santa Teresa d’Ávila, Baltasar da Silveira Square – Teresópolis, RJ

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The construction of Santa Teresa's Matrix in Teresópolis, dates from the second half of the 19th century, in 1855. It was demolished in 1927, because it was in a bad state of conservation and no longer meet the large ...

Round Myvatn

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Car drives around Myvatn Lake in northern Iceland. Surrounded by dry and mossy lava fields, tephra volcanic cones, amazing waterfalls, the most spectacular place in Iceland.

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