Escapade en mer sur les côtes de Majorque

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Le temps d\'une escapade en mer j\'ai fait décoller le drone pour filmer notre pause en face d\'une petite crique sauvage et tout près de grottes creusées par la mer. Snorkeling et plaisir sans limite dans cette eau c...

The Plain of Jars, Laos

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The Plain of Jars is a unique and mysterious series of archaeological sites over Xieng Khouang Province in central Laos, featuring thousands of giant stone jars spread out in over 100 sites. This footage was captur...

Tiszafüred, Hungary

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Tiszafüred and Ice

Tiszafüred, Hungary

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Tiszafüred and Ice

Tiszafüred, Hungary

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Tiszafüred and Ice

Tiszafüred, Hungary

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Tiszafüred and Ice


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Shores of the Dunav river in Belgrade.

Westbury White Horse, Wiltshire, UK

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One of the first flights I did. Drone chased by a dog which pounces when it lands at the end!


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Au dessus du brouillard


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Le lac de montriond gelé


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With bebop2


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playa Os Castros

Costa de Lugo

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Foto de la costa Lucense


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Vistas desde la zona de las mesas

Château de Gargilesse, Gargilesse

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Château de Gargilesse vu du ciel

Baie des milliardaires, Cap d’Antibes

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Vol à la baie des milliardaires au Cap d'Antibes

Cap d’Antibes

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Video du cap d'Antibes


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Sunrise time laps in Kiotari


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Sunrise in KIOTARI


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