The north of Spain is an authentic paradise in which sea and mountain converge creating some of the most spectacular landscapes of the Spanish geography. Cantabria is undoubtedly the best example of this beauty, and with its 200 kilometers of coastline, the high and green mountains that surround it, it is a unique place to explore nature tourism.

In little more than 5,000 km2 Cantabria displays a formidable range of landscapes and environments:

– Coasts, marked by cliffs and beaches bathed by a wild sea in winter and warm in summer.
Beautiful coves where the contrast of green and brown of the Cantabrian mountains with the blue of the sea is spectacular.

– Valleys, always green, full of surprises, and the mountain passes that communicate them. Those of the south entering already in the mesetaria Spain.

– The mountain range, culminating in the towers of Picos de Europa mountains emerging from the next ocean that delimit the Green Spain.

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4 August 2019