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walking through space

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walking through space

Stream through the mangroves

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The Cayman Islands does not have any rivers, but this sure comes close...

Tilapia Breeding Holes

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A pond full of Tilapia during breeding season, and their breeding holes as seen from above

Lonely red car

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An empty parking lot, love those shadows and lines.

Traditional korean folk music (農樂)

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Play traditional Korean music with dance.

Look back to 2018 – aerial video

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Probably the best shots from my aerial videos of 2018 in 3 and half minutes. Share, like and subscribe if you like it :-)

Laguna de Cotacotani

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Parinacota and Pomerape volcanoes in the coming sunset light. Vertical drone pano. Lauca National Park, Chile

Acid lake

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In the middle of the caatinga, CEARA, Brazil.

Sultanpınar Yaylası, Akyazı, Sakarya, Turkey

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Sakaryanın güzel yaylalarından sadece biri.

Positano,amalfi coast

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The beautiful village of Positano, amalfi coast italy

Rojo Amanecer

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Un auto clasico recorre las calles del puerto de Progreso Yucatán

The amalfi coast

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The amazing amalfi coast in south italy

Capri bay

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The beautiful Bay of capri, Italy

Windmiles about the clouds

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Overview from a high place

Its winter

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and very cold

Shadow cattle

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..on the meadow...

Stump Pass

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Stump Pass Beach State Park in Florida.

Rocky River

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The East and West Branches of the Rocky River converge.

5 Christmas trees

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Heraklion city for the Christmas celebrations

Flatland image

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Just a Flatland image opportunity