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Puente ZIG ZAG

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esta imagen la realice cuando estaba adquiriendo mi drone, quise hacerle una prueba de vuelo y tome esta fotografía.

Macheras mountains

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Macheras mountains

Limassol and Oval

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Limassol and Oval building

Mamonia large rock landscape

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Mamonia large rock landscape, Cyprus

zigi harbor Cyprus

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zigi harbor Cyprus

The Castle of Sestola

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The ancient fortress, as it appears today, was rebuilt in the mid-sixteenth century but is of much older origins: the first document in which the castle of Sestola is named is the Diploma of Astolfo of 753 AD, with wh...

Aphrodite’s rock

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Aphrodite's birthplace in Cyprus


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Ondas de la marea

Bonépoupa Cameroun

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Un image de la base vie. Cette base héberge le personnel travaillant sur le chantier de construction de la route Bonépoupa Yabassi dans le Littoral Cameroun.

Berengaria abandoned hotel Cyprus

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Berengaria abandoned hotel Cyprus

Howth From Above – Epic 4K Drone Shots on a Sunny Dublin Day

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Some aerial drone shots taken in Howth, an island at the coast of Dublin. Shot in 4K with: FIMI X8 SE Drone. Location: Howth, Dublin, Ireland. Music: Camelphat - Captain Hook

Rompiente en las lastras

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Aéreo cenital por la Libélula Negra en la Arnia

Urros de la Arnía.

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Foto aérea por la Libélula Negra en la Arnia.

Birnbeck Pier

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Lava flows at Filani, Cyprus

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some nice lava flows,

Aphrodite’s rock

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Aphrodit's rock Cyprus

Costa Quebrada II

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Aérea. Photo by la Libélula Negra.

Playa de la Canal

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Aérea. Foto por la Libélula Negra

Resaca V

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Aérea. Foto por la Libélula Negra

Resaca IV

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Aereo cenital. Photo by la Libélula Negra.

Resaca en Portio III

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Aereo en la playa


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Lastras en Portio, Cantabria

Vounin tis Rkas

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"Hill of the old lady", large natural formation at Analiontas, Cyprus

Shibuya crossing, the busiest in the world

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One of the most popular places in Japan is the Shibuya crossing also called Scramble Kousaten and famous for being the most crowded crossing in the world. It has a synchronized stop in the four directions that causes...