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EXPLORE: Industrial

Quarries series

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Quarry in Nahr el Mott, Mount Lebanon

Quarries series

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Abandonned quarries in Mount Lebanon


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A creative car dealership in Houston, Texas.

Mud Lake

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It is an industrial waste land accumulated by surrendering chemical and aluminum plants.

Oil drilling rig platforms.

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This is located in Galveston island which is the gateway to Gulf of Mexico.

Bassin Minéralier à Dunkerque

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Bassin minéralier et industrie sidérurgique en arrière-plan à Dunkerque


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Cargo ship Mitiq on arrival in Split, Croatia.

Matrice 600 with Yellowscan VX-15

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Our drone lidar doing a survey with the lidar vx-15 (riegl sensor). Photo taken from our inspire 2. see my website

Tailings pond

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Death of trees due to the slow creep of rising water behind a mine tailings dam


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Agriculture in Hungary.

Fog bridge

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Foggy bridge

Train bridge

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Train bridge, fox river oshkosh

Fog bridge

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Foggy train bridge

UCSD Cranes

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Monster construction at UC San Diego

Peak Steel Buildings

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Eco friendly metal buildings

Smith adam

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Eco Friendly Metal Building


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Fire in an industrial building


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A griity fly by over an abandoned factory. This factory has become a sub culture meeting place and a site on the black tourist market. A former denim factory the interior is vandalised and covered in heavy graffiti.


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Stammholzverladung im Wald.


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Old Bridge

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old pre-war bridge

Old Bridge

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old pre-war bridge

When You Finally Nail that Photo

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The feeling you get when you finally nail that shot for the customer! That's a wrap on a week of shooting aerial stock footage for a new movie. 🍺 #BendigoAerial