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On the other side the wall

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Guardare questo muro altissimo e raggiungere la vetta per guardare dall'altra parte, solo con il drone è possibile.

Ngawi Fishing Boats

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Ngawi LightHouse, Cape Palliser New Zealand

Fundição abandonada

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Fundição abandonada

Fundição abandonada

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Fundição abandonada

Oil spill control ships

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Oil spill control training

drone thermography

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drone monitoring

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drone mesuring

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Spring in Moscow

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Sunset sky over the spring Moscow.

Coal mine Bilina, west, Czech republic

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West view of coal mine Bilina in spring.

Kliever Mühle

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Drohnenaufnahmen von der Kliever Mühle

Fire Fighting Ship

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Fire Fighting Ship at Tampico Port

Bird’s Eye View of Drilling Platform

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An aerial view of the scenery at drilling jack up rig and offshore supply vessel in the middle of the sea.

Coal Mines Volume calculation

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We don't see the logic of Rejecting data just because they seem incredible

Horni Jiretin, Czech republic

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Town Horni Jiretin and it´s neighbourhood. In the video you can see chemical plant Unipetrol, coal mine named Czech Army, town Horni Jiretin, two spoilbanks with names of Jiretin, under the hills there are: Janov and ...

Cenital Fábrica de alimentos

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cenital fábrica de alimentación, almacén

ENCI Groeve, Maastricht, The Netherlands

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Steinbruch bei Anröchte #Steinbruch #Kalk #Grünsandstein #Anröchte

Kliever Mühle

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Kliever Mühle nahe Anröchte #KlieverMühle

railway station ukraine ivano-frankivsk

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railway station tilt shift