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EXPLORE: Nature - Wildlife


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Pantano de san juan

Chiapas, Mexico

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Chiapas from the Air Mexico

Tambopata National Reserve

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Rainforest sunsets and sunrises

pantano de san juan

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first day of the year, nothing else like to go and fly making a video

Alcázar de San Juan

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Molinos de Viento

Rainforest Sunrise

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Beautiful sunrise un Tambopata National Reserve, madre de dios, Perú

Miu Ko Toi, Tai Mo Shan, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Miu Ko Toi is located in the centre of New Territories, it is 765m high, one of the peak extended from Tai Mo Shan southern ridge. There is a fire lookout on the peak.

She Leng, Lok Ma Chau, New Territories, Hong Kong

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She Leng is located in northern New Territories, near Lok Ma Chau, Crest Hill and Ma Tso Lung. She Leng is 143m high, its mountain connected with Tit Hang Shan, the trail on that mountain looks like a snake. The restr...

Lac des Rousses

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Le lac gelé des rousses

Sierra de Solana

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Sierra de Solana


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First DJI Mavic Pro flight tests.

Al Qudra Lake

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Al Qudra Lake dubai


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A day trip to Shenandoah

Snowy Mountains, Australia

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Footage from my exploration of the Snowy Mountains, Australia

Port Stephens, Australia

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Footage from exploration around Port Stephens

Lundin Links, Fife, Scotland

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Made a new friend down on the beach. The first night, he did not like the drone and immediately slipped into the water. The night after, he was more curious and remained long after my flight :)

Blue Mountains, Australia

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Waterfall footage following a week of rainfall in Sydney

Arizona and Utah

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Footage from my road trip through Arizona and Utah in May this year.

New England

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Footage from my recent road trip through New England during the Fall.