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Paquetá and Brocoió islands, Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro

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A drone ride on Paquetá and Brocoió islands in Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


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Harghita Bai

Yellow Coaching

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Yellow’s business consulting, mentoring and education will provide you with guidance, support, encouragement, strategies, tools, and accountability to get you the success you’ve always wanted in your business.Yellow’s...

Anzali lagoon

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A city on the water

Making Of Tour de France 2017

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This is a making of the last Tour de France shot with our drones.

Sonnenaufgang – Altmühltal bei Dietfurt

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Sonnenaufgang - Altmühltal bei Dietfurt

Low Tide in Zeeland – The Netherland

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Bleu troublant- Mayotte

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Bleu, vert, en une infinité de déclinaisons...c'est le lagon de Mayotte

3 Falcons flying with Inspire 2 Pro

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While out taking some aerial photos for one of our favorite Realtors we saw 3 curious Falcons flying near our Inspire 2 Pro. A little stressful but really cool!

4K Menorca

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Dear all, I made a fast edit about footage I took last month in Menorca, hope you like it :)

4K Mavic with my beautiful girlfriend

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My “Dark Knight” Shot

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This reminded me of a shot you'd see in The Dark Knight or some Christopher Nolan movie

Flying around Denver DTC

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Flew my Mavic around the Denver DTC area.


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Breche de Roland/France/Spain/Pyrenees

Wild beauty

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There are a lot of unexplored wild beautiful beaches.

Morro do Couto, Itatiaia National Park

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Itatiaia National Park is the Brazilian first National Park. It has a unique ecosystem and at least three mountains among the highest of Brazil. Morro do Couto (Couto Hill) is the 9th of them, with 2680 meters high (8...

bora bora drone photogrphy

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Couple in Bora bORA


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Couple floating in TAHITI with flying world pictures

Moorea with drone operator flying world pictures

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Couple floating in Moorea se

Paquetá Island, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil

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A cloudy sunset at Paquetá