Chateau de Villette from the sky. The place where sir Leigh Teabing lives in the movie.

More than 185 acres (75 ha) of garden were designed by Le Nôtre and spread out behind the chateau in the central axis with two rectangular lakes filled with swans, ducks, birds and fishes, as well as a cascade and fountain that resembles the one at Louis XIV’s Château de Marly, surmounted by Neptune. The grounds provide outdoor activities for the chateau guests, including jogging, biking, and hunting. There is also a swimming pool and a tennis court. Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Le Nôtre designed the Palace of Versailles at the same time as they designed Chateau de Villette in the 1680s. Therefore Villette was nicknamed “Le Petit Versailles”.

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  • : condécourt
  • : Route de la Maison Blanche
  • : Val D'oise
  • : France

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21 April 2016
Val D'oise
Route de la Maison Blanche