I’ve been flying my pair of Mavic Air quads almost non-stop for the past 48-hours and wanted to offer up my impressions of the Drone and share some important …



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  • Great review I agree these things are built for IOS and I have struggled with Androids working smoothly with dji products. I really dislike apple products but have a couple Ipad mini2 units that I use just for the drones. I also have 3 drones p4A MP and MA which I just purchased. I really like the video on the P4 and MA but the MP is not good on cloudy days or dim light where the MA seems much better.

  • That was a really worthwhile appraisal. Thank you very much.

  • I am considering buying a quad. This is by far the best video analysing the Mavic Air

  • One of the best if not the best review, thank you Rick! I bought the Mavic AIr and I didn't like your review because I wanted to justify my purchase. I bought the Mavic Air because it suits my needs. I am not worried about not having Ocusync because one of the rules in my country of flying a drone is you must only fly during the day and keep your drone within visual line-of sight..Plus the extra sensors that the Mavic Air has.

    I love the Mavic Air. Thanks again!

  • Great informative video on the Mavic Air. There is a statement you made about this being the first DJI drone to have on board memory, which is incorrect. The very first DJI Inspire 1 I bought had 8 gig of internal memory. Again great review on this Drone, just ordered mine based on this review.

  • Very good video with lots of great information.

  • Thank you for video, I've been looking at getting one and i've only had a toy grade one; flew it so much i wore it out lol

  • Great Video, I bought one but have not received it yet.Two questions that nobody seems to address in their videos. Do you need to take your iPhone out of its case to attach it to the controller and once the software and Mavic are setup can you fly without having the phone connected?

  • Such a great informative video! I get my Mavic Air tomorrow. So happy now that I bought this model drone. New to drones…started Applied Media course with heavy videography/photography core weight! Wanted something higher quality that I won’t outgrow too fast. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. XO

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  • Phenomenal review, thank you

  • You mentioned you speak of how to extend the range of air in a different video can you share the link ?

  • My first time watching one of your videos and I must say I am impressed. I really like your delivery, the level of detail and the way you balance your opinion with a solid level of explanation. I have subscribed and will be looking for more videos on this Mavic Air drone that I wish to purchase VERY soon.

  • Hell I'd need instructions just to know how to take it out of the box

  • Just started w my new Mavic Air. Its amazing and everything in this video is on target. The one thing that I couldn't figure out from the manual was where the port was to update the hub firmware. Thanks for pointing out the removable cover. It wasn't clear in the manual that it was to be removed first and it looked like it was permanently attached like the other pads on the hub so I thought it might no longer be needed.

  • dude you talk way too quick but your very informative thanks for the info.

  • Has the battery hub ever had a firmware update ? Btw the best drone hands down !

  • great video am going to get the mavic air and this vid really helped me

  • Is the camera really better? 🧐

  • Dude. This whole video could have been done in 20 minutes.. Please be concise!

  • The antenae on my Mavic Air controller definitely DO clip down together

  • "48 Hours of Flight" means 48 hours of flight time, not "I got this thing two days ago."

  • Mate, I have been watching a lot of videos the last few days since getting my first drone, the Mavic Air. Your presentation is by far the best I have seen to date. Thankyou and well done 😀

  • FANTASTIC REVIEW, this really gave me such a good summary from a different point of view. Thank you for spending the time to make this video.

  • Brilliant – thanks for the video! 😎