This is a detailed comparison of the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced / Pro, the GoPro Karma with Hero 6, and DJI Mavic Pro. I’ve had some frustrations with some of my …



  • make a racing quad and put a gopro on it… best shots ever

  • What do you mean the karma is unusable as a drone?? Personally I think it's the best option. Sadly they are no more, I think they will become a collectors item, for those that want a drone with an upgradeable camera, if you need all the DJI sensors to fly a drone you probably should not be flying one in the first place. In saying that I mostly use a DJI Spark for my purposes.

  • i aint getting the karma anymore

  • Great video. Thanks for explaining the Flickering. Well done. I get that with mine too. Your answer at the end was legit. The day will come when we have a Drone we can love.

  • Hi I am thinking to buy a drone but i am also confused that which one I should buy,can anyone suggest me which one will be good for my videos…

  • The reason why I’m watching this video is because I have a choice to get something for Christmas and what I wanted was a drone but I didn’t know which one to get so I was looking at some drones on amazon and the one I saw right away was the GoPro karma drone and when I watched this video I literally got so confused because know I don’t know which one of these to get but I still want the karma drone mostly because of the GoPro hero 6 that’s included and the gimbal grip it comes with which are the only reasons why I want the karma drone but the one I wanna get know is the DJI Mavic pro but I still want to get karma mostly because of what it comes with but that’s mostly it what do u think I should get?

  • Great little camera.Picture quality is great.>>>    Sound could be better

  • Karma not having any avoidance sensors is deal breaker and losing control after just 200 feet, any DJI is I would get.

  • This video was amzing thanks (:

  • I completely agree. Most people have very low expectations. All three drones are simply not good for a videographer. The good stuff begins with the X5 on the inspire.

  • LOL … I love how brutally honest you are Lol … I still dont't know which one to buy. Thanks anyways it was a great video!

  • DJI sucks in the Cost Of Ownership rating. I have been flying P2s with hero for several years. The newer DJI cameras and gimbals are very frail. One hard landing the whole quad is shot. I got the Karma for the Hero 6 and have no issues. The camera, Grip and functionality of the karma is outstanding. For less than 1000 bucks and repair parts available the are very easy to fix. The new software update added lots of preplanned moves as well.

  • It's that a seagull nest on top of your head?

  • Hey can please someone help me? I wanna buy a drone, i already have the hero 6,and im looking to buy a handheld stabilizer, but if i buy a drone thats not karma, i have to buy a separate gimball and if i buy the karma i get the gimball and the drone

  • thank you for your HONEST opinion! this actually helps me alot!

  • so you can fly drones in the park. The park may say no take off and land but FAA controls the airspace. So next time stand outside the park border and fly in :)


    Hi! im A dji mavic pro fan!
    Yeah I know most of the people likes mavic pro than gopro karma..but it doesnt mean you can talk shitty about them..lets just say that just leave them be..welp at least they tried theyre best right? plus they might upgrade their drone..the reason i dont like gopro karma is because of its landing..ya know..dont brag bout mavic pro to the GoPro karma fans..if you keep doing that you might start a fight.. i didnt meant that we "dji mavic pro fans" are beast and the "gopro karma fans" are innocent i just want you all to understand each other that everyone have a different tastes of drones and to all those karma fans you should do the not standing up for anyone. Im like a referee 😸(I didnt meant theres a fight hmmkay?)

  • Ponte alas, agarra una camara y vuela culero Aver que tal salen tus videos…pinche vato sangron

  • Have you tried using ND filters when you fly the Mavic or Phantom? That will lower your shutter speed, and should fix your flicker problems 👍🏻📷 Makes the footage more cinematic also.

  • is there a better drone company than the companies reviewed above ? or are they all not even a good comparison ?

  • If you buy lens for the mavic pro you will have good quality

  • I was gonna take this dude seriously until I realized how many subs he had

  • Those flickers are probably due to the gimbal, all camera gimbal has some sort of flicker(Micro Jitters) as far as i know and experienced!

  • That footage from the Karma is just horrible, I'm really surprised you thought it was better than the Mavic's… 😛 And how could you call the Phantom 4 Advanced "trash", lol?!?!? It's gotta be the best drone for the price, right now….

  • You need an inspire. You've simply grown out of your Mavic and you notice the flickering. But I will say this, codec are also used by every internet company out there, so even if you have an Inspire, as soon as you upload to YouTube or Vimeo, the flickering or pixelating begins! I know this, I was a project manager for most of the internet installations throughout the USA. I'm now semi retired with my own YouTube channel and I love my Mavic and my Sony X-3000 cameras. Every camera, every phone, every piece of electronics has a deficiency. Sorry man. But I do agree that the Karma is a bad idea. What we need is a large camera on a Mavic pro platform. (PS – What you see as flickering isn't seen by most people)

  • Amazing video dude. Hit the nail right on the head. Hope you get more views and am subscribing.

  • 10:30 – what you call "garbage" looks totally awesome to me. But i'm no professional and i think all of the footage looks absolutely cool and would be worth my money if i would do more videos in my sparetime. (mountainbiking, hiking and so on) :-)

  • Would you say the karma has about the same flight patterns, and flight time. Is the GPS as good ?

  • Jajajaja good end of your video

  • I am thinking of buying a drone for the first time in my life, seeing reviews in all the other vlogs made me love all of the three drones, but seeing your review made me more judgemental now, so i want you to suggest me any drones , them, or apart from them, coz i really am looking forward to buy the best one

  • what a heck dji mavic is the best and the go pro karma is better at camera because you can change with her 6 and hero5