One of the mountain of Brazil with a training opponent beauty, so is defined by most climbers. Sierra Caparaó lies the “Pico Cristal” with its 2.769m is the sixth Largest Brazil Mountain and the origin of its name can be noticed in full moon night, when your quartz crystals that outcrop on the surface give all the charm in an impressive natural phenomenon.

There are several legends about the origin of the word Caparaó but one of them draws attention: There was in the field today Caparaó National Park, a very angry ox, called O, which drove away anyone who tried to capture him. There was a joint effort between the cattlemen and after many days of struggle and managed to beat him and as proof of such bravery, decided to castrate him. Soon the rumor arose: “Caparam the O”.

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Cover photo: (Flavio Varricchio ® Copyright © All Rights Reserved.)
Music: Copilação “Fear Will Find You” by Hans Zimmer
Material: DJI Phantom 2 / Zenmuse H3 3D / GOPRO HERO 3+ / Adobe Premiere DC

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5 January 2016
Espera Feliz