Check out this drone video of the implosion of 100 Senate Avenue in East Pennsboro Township, demolished to make way for new commercial development.



  • My grandfather designed the 'Senate Plaza' building as well as the nearby Gannett Fleming buildings and countless others in the region. Senate Plaza specifically served as a fantastic example of an era when design and engineering had in fact pushed the envelope. The building was iconic and a symbol of possibility for Harrisburg and its surrounding during a time when the culture of the area was redefining itself. I find it ironic that the building is removed during an era that offers endless resources and the ease of availability for greater knowledge to make way for retail development via a strip mall, a hotel, and a gas station, etc.; simply because the business environment is deemed as "obsolete".
    With sincerity, best of luck to those who transform this space.

  • Oh, good. A new retail building. The area really needs a new retail spot. Like it needs another empty office building.