Above the Mist !

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Filmé dans la massif du Pilat dans la loire ..

Les Gorges de l’Ay France drone Autel EVO

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Situé en France en Ardéche entre le Rhone et Annonay la riviére L'Ay est un endroit sauvage et préservée .

Above the Clouds !

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Filmé en France dans le massif du Pilat proche de St Etienne et Lyon ..


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Cinematic footage shoot on Tello


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Equipment: DJI / RYZE TELLO, iPhone 6, Xiaomi Mi WiFi Extender 2, GameSir T1d, iMovie, Cameo I wait your comments about the quality, the cut, and about the video in general! Thank you for watching.

The First modern bridge in th world !

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I make you discover today! In the south of France north of Ardeche. The ancestor of all modern suspension bridges, built between 1863 and 1865. Its inventor was Marc SEGUIN. Will it serve as a model for the Brookl...

Albon Tower France !

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Le château d'Albon est un ancien château fort du XIIIe siècle, chef-lieu du mandement d'Albon, dont les ruines se dressent sur la commune d'Albon dans le département de la Drôme . Le château d'Albon fut le berceau de...

Cance river magic !

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La Cance prend sa source au col des Baraques, près de Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid à 1014 m d’altitude, elle rejoint le Rhône à Sarras après avoir parcouru 41,3 km. La vallée de la Cance d’Annonay au Rhône est d’une beauté ...

The Crussol Castle in France

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Le château de Crussol est une forteresse médiévale du début du XIIe siècle, située sur la commune de Saint-Péray, dans le département de l'Ardèche en région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Maintenant en ruines, le château de ...

Crop Circle – Stonehenge, Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

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Crop Circle captured following a professional drone services project for Highways England (UK).

Atlantic Coast south west of France

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1 semaine de voyage le long des 300kms entre la GIronde et L'espagne !

Prince of Wales Bridge (Second Severn Crossing), UK.

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Prince of Wales Bridge (Second Severn Crossing), UK. Shot on an overcast day ... good for photogrammetry ... good photographic contrast. Taken following a local topographical land survey for a Bristol construction c...

Brighton Skyline / CityScape

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Simple skypline/cityscape shot of Brighton nicely capturing vertical viewpoint of the beach and horizontal of the pier. Shot taken after completion of a commercial drone project for a water utility company. Contact ...

The French Grand Canyon

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The Grand Canyon du Verdon . Recognized as the highest canyon in Europe, it receives each year the stupefied and dazzled tribute of thousands of tourists. Along its route, the Martel or Imbut trails for example, o...

The end of the French Grand Canyon !

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located in Provence the verdon river is the end of the French Grand Canyon, the biggest canyon in Europe .

RM1888 to Shell Gas Station on 290 Fail – May 6, 2018

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Attempted to add 4 more miles (6.4km) on my September RM1888 trip but failed. Made it to 10.52mi (16.92km) before crashing due to a left front motor bearing failure. 6:45 is where I landed previously. Forward speed 2x...

Flight 1200 and Authorized 3000ft – April 26, 2018

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Authorized 3000ft flight during Rockets 2018 using their NOTAM. Video begins with a look at the launch site. 0:52 From the second pad (look for people running to the left) a launch. Then from the 3rd pad 1:18. Finally...

Windmills of Régusse France

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In the south of France in Provence ! 2 very old windmills of Régusse Village,build in xv century rebuilds in 1995 . Thank for watching ..

The Chapel of Calvery !

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The Chapel of Calvary was built in 1724 for the brotherhood of White Penitents. Falling into ruins, it was restored by the association of friends of the chapel and the pilgrims of Compostela and inaugurated on Septemb...

Rhuddlan Castle North Wales

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Rhuddlan Castle was built by Edward 1st in 1277 and completed in 1282 and sits on the banks of the river Clwyd North Wales. Today the Castle is protected as an ancient monument managed by CADW a Welsh government body....

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