Olevano Romano

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Olevano Romano

Port of Ancona

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Port of Ancona seen from lighthouse of 1860-1965. Parco del cardeto, Ancona

Greek Summer 2017 (4k Footage)

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Greek Summer Skies and Beaches

Road trip Argentina – Mendoza

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Road trip dans la région de Mendoza en Argentine

Fly over Cap-Ferret (Pointe aux cheveaux) in 1080p50

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Flight near "plage de la pointe aux cheveaux" @ Lege-Cap-Ferret

Fly over Cap-Ferret (Pointe aux cheveaux) in 4k

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Flight near "plage de la pointe aux cheveaux" @ Lege-Cap-Ferret

C4K/24fps test

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Same test as before with no autofocus problem lol. As always, don't expect a "Spielberg" like super production, I'm just an amateur.

1080p/96 fps test

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first successful test at 1080p/96p. Had to reset autofocus at first. I'm not a photo or video professionnal, I'm probably very bad at it, that's why this is not a pro video!

Port de Podensac (Gironde)

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A flight above and around the "Port de Podensac". I'm always discovering how the Mavic flies, and because I had no artistic talent for taking videos... it's not the greatest footage you'll see on Youtube. But my o...

Fly Over Pilat sur Mer

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Flight near "Dune of pilat"' and "banc d'arguin". Have to be very cautious here, there's planes, boats, people with parachutes... But it's a beautiful place, unique in Europe. South of this area is not authorize...


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La Sicilia, ufficialmente denominata Regione Siciliana, è una regione a statuto speciale di 5 048 533 abitanti, con capoluogo Palermo. Favignana è un'isola dell'Italia appartenente all'arcipelago delle isole Egadi, i...


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Durness is a village and civil in the north-west Highlands of Scotland. The area is remote and the parish is huge and sparsely populated covering an area from east of Loch Eriboll to Cape Wrath, the most north-west...

Waves of the Atlantic Ocean

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Plage de la Lette Blanche - Landes FRANCE Beach of Lette Blanche - Beautiful wave of this beach.

Survol du désert de Bardenas en Espagne.

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Un spectacle hors du commun au sud-est de la Navarre province du nord de l’Espagne. A spectacle out of commun run in the south-east of Navarre province of the north of Spain. XimerTracks - NCS Music & Remixes ...


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Pole dance


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video from my trip around Corsica

Silent Valley 4K

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Silent Valley, The Mournes, Northern Ireland. The windiest day in history! Amazed I managed to get anything. Feel free to feedback. Please view in 4K if you can, and check my Youtube for 4K quality. Thanks

Drone Spider Cam Demo

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Drone Spider Camera demonstration. Want to have an aerial view during your next football practice? Licensed drone pilot for hire. Please contact for inquires. Winfieldvideoproductions@gmail.com

NFL 2017 Season Tribute

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Just showing some love to the NFL for a great season so far. Welcome back football.

A moment in time

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Peaceful moment to stop and see the beauty around us. Just let the drone camera run as clouds passed by.