Tramuntana Drone: Paragliding

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I asked a group of people that I come across in Rasos the Peguera if I could film them while they jumped, this is the result. Spot: Rasos de Peguera, Catalunya Music: So close (Instrumental remake) - NOTD, Felix J...


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This is my cousin, I asked him to take the paddlesurf out to film him a bit. This was recorded in summer 2018. Wishing for summer 2019 to come already! Hope you like it, even when he falls :)

Costa Rica Drone Footage

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Arenal, Monte Verde, Manuel Antonio

Brassica napus (Flor de colze, Flor de colza)

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In spring we have these amazing fields full of Brassica napus, the views of them from above are amazing! This was filmed in Llavià, Vall Llobrega and Llofriu, Girona, Catalonia

A Change in Seasons

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From Fall to Winter, A Change of Seasons. Beautiful central valley and northern California landscapes as we move from fall to winter. All shot using a Phantom 4 in 4K resolution.

Castell Montgrí

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Video of the Montgrí castle in Torroella de Montgrí, Girona, Catalonia. vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/254219163

bosque sunset

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bosque playa atardecer

Cúcuta in a hyperlapse

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A different look of our city, that makes us fall in love with its nocturnal landscapes.

Balzi Rossi

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Balzi Rossi

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DJI Phantom Drone | Poolbeg Lighthouse | Dublin City

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Dublin City/Cinematic musical tribute to \"I am Legend\" Movie. Features Poolbeg lighthouse & Chimneys. Dublin City Spire, St. Stephen\'s Green and the Samuel Beckett Bridge.

Black and white

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Black and white

Full Moon … Or not?

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Full Moon ... Or not?

A short film created on a camping trip at Camping Des Glacier in La Fouly in the Valais region of Switzerland.

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A short film created on a camping trip at Camping Des Glacier in La Fouly in the Valais region of Switzerland. Filmed using a Lumix GH5 and a DJI P4 drone and a DJI Osmo.

A California Road Trip

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From Spring to Summer, Northern California inland areas offer unique and beautiful views. Here, we see the view of the local hills on two sunny day trip\'s, one in Spring and one in Summer. Enjoy !

A long Lonely Road

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Even a lonely road can be beautiful.

The last salar worker

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This is in Gerri de la Sal, a small village in north Catalonia, Spain. Dolors is the last worker in the salt fields of this ancient mountain town. There was a time when people from around had comes to this littles vil...

Karjalan Kunnailla

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MARCH 2018 WINNER IN BERLIN FLASH FILM FESTIVAL - SUPER SHORT DRONE CATEGORY Music video of an old traditional Finnish song Karjalan kunnailla which pianist Jukka Nykänen have arranged. This video takes you on a em...

Un été dans les Vosges

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Un week-end à la montagne

Un été dans les Vosges

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Les Vosges en été