Airfield Teplice, Czech republic

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Winter morning above Teplice airfield. In the valley, there is Teplice city, behind the airfield you can see Vsechlapy basalt quarry.

Flight over old Missile Base SAM (museum)

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Flight with DJI Mavic Pro and Phantom 3 in the Region of Zug - Gubel (Switzerland). - 00:20 Kloster Maria Hilf Gubel - 03:04 Kloster Maria Hilf Gubel - 00:37 Bloodhound SAM base (open air Museum) - 01:02 Bloodhoun...

Flight over Swiss Alps

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Unglaublich aber wahr! Ohne Schnee auf 1500 M.ü.M. in den Schweizer Alpen. Ich konnte mit leichtem Aufwind am Hang fast wie in Frühling slope fliegen (ca. T=10 Grad)! Look at my website with lot of RC air videos and p...

Pyramids in Cyprus?

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A small video about a beutiful landscape and looks like they have pyramits in it!

Vietnam 2016 #Drones Eye View

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A short video of some drone clips from Vietnam

#Drone Eye View – Ash Douglas BMX at Meanwhile Skatepark

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A short video of Ash Douglas on the BMX track

Gliding over sea – Italy, Santa Severa

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Gliding with my Radian Pro (2.0m glider) over Santa Severa (Italy-Lazio) - Mar Tirreno. Look at my RC adventures on the Website: https://flying4nature.com/

Gliding flight – BETA 2.3

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Flight with my RC glider BETA 2.3m and GoPro onboard. Region of Zürich - Switzerland. Look for other RC informations, pictures and air video my website at: http://www.flying4nature.com/

RC glider drone

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Slope flying in Switzerland, Ticino (Region of Lugano) with my glider-drone. You can follow my fly adventures on www.flying4nature.com

One Day in ♥ Kiel ♥ – Grand sunset finale

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This is the last LiPo of the day and the last part of this mini-series about all the nice, local spots in my home town that we flew on a single day with only 5 LiPos! Towards the end of the day the winterly weather a...

Bilina town, Czech republic

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Bilina town is former spa town in north Bohemia. It is situated in valley of Bilina river, on northwest side, there is lignite surface mine Bilina, southly, there are Central bohemian uplands - natural protected area....

Swiss countryside with glider

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Flight with RC glider (Phoenix 2000) over Swiss countryside in the region of Lucern. www.flying4nature.com

Swiss countryside overflight

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Flight with RC glider (Phoenix 2000) over Swiss countryside in the region of Lucern. Videos about natural landscapes with modelgliders-Landschaftsvideos aus Modellseglern. Drones are not only copters, drones are also...

Plane, quad, bridge – defying tricky weather

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The only reliable thing about the weather these days is that it's not reliable. So I had reasonable concerns when I saw that blue sky because, you know, this might have been a trick of some sort. Like, to lure me out ...

2017 drone flights Spain, resumen de un año de ilusiones desde el aire, dron drone rescuebcn

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2017 drone flights Spain, resumen de un año de ilusiones desde el aire, dron drone rescuebcn

Highlights of 2017, Czech republic

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Most interesting shots from all od my 2017 aerial videos. Sunrises and sunsets in many variations.

Port del comte Xiaomi Dron, Pirineo Catalán, Lérida, dron drone rescuebcn

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Port del comte Xiaomi Dron, Pirineo Catalán, Lérida, dron drone rescuebcn, Xiaomi MI drone

Xiaomi Vallter 2000, Setcases, Girona, rescuebcn

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Xiaomi Vallter 2000, Setcases, Girona, rescuebcn

The winter warm-up

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So, I'm half way into my Christimas vacation when I realize that the last video I posted was a month ago. Whaaat?! Well. To be fair, the weather was not exactly welcoming over the Xmas holidays. That being said, it's ...

Zygi Marina Cyprus (Quick Edit)

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More information about location here: https://www.cyprusisland.net/cyprus-marinas/zygi-marina

Eric Dupin CEO DronestagramDear members of the Dronestagram community,
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