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My first drone edit montage

nong bua sunset on river kwai before storm yai thailand

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Drone TBS discovery with gopro FPV fly on kwai yai river above island near Nong Bua village. This narrow small arms river spot is great place for swim in fresh and quiet location. Before 5h 30 pm (The dam opens the v...

Airfield RCM Luzice, Czech republic

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Few shots of my homebase in spring attire.


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Promo Kayaking

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Kostomlaty pod Milesovkou, Czech republic

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Very soft slope soaring by Kostomlaty pod Milesovkou village. View from Czech central mountains to Ore mountains.

Athalassa National Park (XIRO XPLORER)

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Too windy that day, about 20 km, but the XIRO is stable enough! enjoy...

Baths of Aphrodite-Coral Bay

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Baths of Aphrodite-Coral Bay, are beaches with opposite face Both are tremendously beautiful! I LOVE CYPRUS Filmed by SJ4000 and XIRO XPLORER V.

The Troodos mountains, winter! Cyprus!

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The video is no treatment for color and lighting!

Radovesice spoil bank, north, Czech republic

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North part of Radovesice spoil bank with Czech central mountains at east and south sides, city Bilina and Ledvice power plant.

Kankov village Na Vetraku, Czech republic

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Over the Kankov village, there is a place called Na Vetraku (On the Fan). Under Kankov hill, there is Bilina city in sunshine, left from it Ledvice power plant and coal mine Bilina. On southwest city Most a southly Zl...

Branany quarry, Czech republic

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Sunrise over bentonite quarry Branany. You can also see coal mine Bilina, at west side, there is Most city and lake Most. Mountains you can see, belong to central bohemian mountains.


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First time flied the drone to capture some of the footage with blade chroma and mi drone

Spring skiing

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Skiing with the last snow, filmed with AIRDOG

RC Airfield Luzice, Czech republic

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First spring video from my homebase. Some shots are taken at 400m above. In this video Gyro function of Firefly cam was disabled.

Loki X3, SRD Loki X3 in HD

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Goofing around with the SRD Loki X3. For more Storm Racing Drone videos, check out our channel. For more, look us up on the web https://dumbdumbfilms.com.

Top videos of the last week!

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The compilations of some of the greatest videos published on Dronestagram last week :)

Freestyle at Mazatlan Beach

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Burning some packs at the beach

Tusimice II power plant, Czech republic

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Tusimice II power plant. In service from 1970´s, now the owner is CEZ company. It´s twin Tusimice I was destroyed due to unusage. It is located nearby Nastup Tusimice coal mine, which is coal supplier for power plant....

Drone on field, spain

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Drone overfly field of Madrid, Spain, on a nice sunny day. CX-20