On the meadow by Skalice, Czech republic

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Spring morning in Central bohemian uplands, on the meadow by Skalice village.


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A video mounted by me on my home tow San Benedetto del Tronti (AP) Italy


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Volo con il mio aliante-drone al Caval Drossa in Ticino-Switzerland. Bellissimo vento caldo da sud (direzione Lugano), un volo spettacolare. Date un'occhiata alla mia website: https://flying4nature.com/

Glider flight

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Volo con il mio aliante E, BETA 2.3m con GoPro 3 nella regione di Stabio. Date un'occhiata alla mia website: https://flying4nature.com/


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FUN CUB RC plane es a drone with GoPro 3. Look at my website: https://flying4nature.com/


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Volo con il mio aliante-drone (Phoenix 2.0m) a Santa Severa - Italia, Lazio. Cam: GoPro 3 Silv. Ed. Mare Tirreno. Date un'occhiata alla mia website: https://flying4nature.com/

Ticino sloping

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Slope flight with my glider BETA 2.3 in Ticino.Switzerland. Onboard cam: GoPro 3 Silv. Ed. Look at my website: https://flying4nature.com/

Thermal flight

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Glider drone flight with my BETA E 2.3m in Switzerland. Onboard cam: GoPro 3 Silv. Ed. Look at my website: www.flying4nature.com

Pôr do sol em Brasília-DF, Brasil

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Pôr do sol em Brasília - Brasil

Spring in Luzice, Czech republic

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The edge of Central Bohemian uplands, villages Luzice, Svincice, Mirosovice and Chouc between blossomed trees.

Bílina town, Czech republic

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In the first half of video you can see villages Razice and Kuclin, situated at the edge of Central Bohemian Uplands. Bilina town is a former spa town.

Santa María del Mar

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Playa del Puerto en Santa María del Mar, Castrillón, Asturias, España

Playa de Xagó

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Playa de Xagó, en el concejo de Gozón, Asturias, España

Luzice airfield, Czech republic

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Flying season is about begin, here comes the sun and spring.

Drone following cyclists (Cyprus) Ποδηλάτες Λευκωσίας

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A walk in Athalassa Park with Nicosia Cyclists

Pontecaldelas (Pontevedra)

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Cambrils Weekend

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Swiss Alps

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Flight with the BETA 2.3m (from Topmodel CZ) in Jeizinen (Switzerland). Look at the complete plane and location reviews on http://flying4nature.com/. Pilot: Lorenzo / Film: Lukas and Piotr / Flight date: 31.12.13 / On...

Slope flying in Switzerland

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Nice soaring flight in the region of Monte Bar-Caval Drossa 1400 ASL (Ticino-Switzerland). See more on my website http://flying4nature.com/: pictures, planes reviews, fly locations/maps and RC informations. Pilot: Lo...

Countryside of Switzerland

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BLOG/website: http://flying4nature.com/ CHECK IT OUT! A lot of plane reviews, fly locations, specs, pictures, videos, and more...from the RC glider and e-planes world. SWISS MADE. FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/phot...

Eric Dupin CEO DronestagramDear members of the Dronestagram community,
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