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Sorry for no post but my sd card was lost and the only other sd I have is my 2GB card so I couldn't save it as well my drone was under repair

Most lake, north, Czech republic

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Most lake was originally lignite mine. Sunset over the northern part of Most lake. You can also see Hnevin castle on south, water pool Venus on east and Unipetrol chemical plant in Zaluzi. Firefly Q6 and Mobius cams m...

Pueblo Bonito, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, MX

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Having fun on the beach of Mazatlan with some palm trees.

Del Valle, CDMX

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Del Valle area in Mexico city. Universidad Ave.

Viana do Castelo

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Aerial View from Santa Luzia Sanctuary in Viana do Castelo

Most, south, Czech republic

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Sunset over the south part of city Most

Belgium Brabant

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Paramotor flight during winter sunny day in belgium

Viet Nam

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We had a marvelous try in Viet Nam

Wavre Belgium

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Blind date in the Belgian sky


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A top down photo of my kids and partner climbing in an old branch


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A great location in the Netherlands. The Posbank is a unique hilly landscape in the Netherlands, it's very close to Arnhem and it is a great place to do some hiking, or biking.. But also droning.

Corbais Belgium

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Above the lines on a Belgian field during last summer


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Berck Plage

Park, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

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Having fun with the Tiny Whoop at the park

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

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Having fun with the Tiny Whoop at my house

Hnevin castle, Czech republic

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Castle Hnevin is located in Most city, north part of Czech republic. You can find here nice lookout and restaurant (inside, of course :-))

Hněvín castle, Czech republic

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Hnevin castle, nearby city Most, shot before sunrise, february fog around

Truck with supercars 🎬 jaroszczyk.com

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Truck with supercars - bird's eye view 🎬 jaroszczyk.com

Blue Ridge Mountains, Murphy, North Carolina, USA

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Chasing clouds over the Nantahala National Forest.

Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina, USA

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First flight with Xiro Xplorer V.